Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hair treatment recommended - Kerastase Nutritive Masquintence 3, Kerastase Oleo Relax, and Wella SP Hydro Mask

The weather is getting colder in Korea
So I feel that my hair is getting dry.
I don’t have time to go to the salon and receive care.
So I need some nutrients for my hair that I could do at home~

Kerastase Nutritive Masquintence 3
Among the two types number 3 is important!
This number 3 is for thick and abundant hair.
It helps the dry hair to recover fast as possible.
This products works well for the people who have thick and enough amount of hair
It is known to be use by many celebrities at salons and at home.
When I used it, it gave so many nutrients that made my hair really calm but too much.
I got the result right away!
However for the people who have abundant of hair and thick would help to calm down more naturally and give nutrients at the same time.

The picture shows 200ml for 52,000won and for 500ml its 90,000won…
First you should try out with 200ml and if it works repurchasing the 500ml works better economically.
This product is used once a week so you don't use that much.
Also if you see the result you will be more satisfy with it.

How to use it
After the shampoo take out all the water as much as possible than apply to the hair except the scalp and massage around 15- 20 mins.
Than wash off clearly~


Kerastase Oleo Relax
The best choice for curly hair!
This product helps the curly hair to be calm and be healthy.
The instruction is same as the first one.
However the price is little more expensive.
200ml for 54,000won and 500ml for 110,000won
It needs more money even for curly hair people…how sad...

Even WellaSp works really well like the Kerastase products.
There are three types.
An en rich 3.0 mask is for curly, rough, and thick hair.
My friend who has abundant hair made it clam down.
I didn't use this because I have less amount of hair.
However for the people who have thick and abundant hair should use Keratase Oleo relax.
I saw that most of the salons use this more often for people who have that kind of hair.

Wella SP Power Mask!
It is a special line for damaged hair.
This is one of the popular products in Wella Sp.
It helps the middle damaged hair to be care.
This concentrates on the oil and moisture so giving enough nutrients to the hair.
I saw the effect by using it only one time.
When you use 3 times a week for damaged hair than it helps to restore.
This really helps on damaged hair because of perm or dying.

I use Wella SP Hydro 3.1 Mask
I used 2 containers now.
This works well on my hair.
My hair is usually perm but I don't dye my hair often so I don’t have too much of damage.
My hair is thin and dry so I wanted to be moisturized.
If the Power Mask is good for damaged hair, hydro’ is good for natural hair to use also works well on dry hair.
Hydro mask gives nutrient to hair also by keeping the hair volume.

This gives moisture to the hair not like giving oil and moisture in power mask.

The price could be different but 200ml is 32,000won and 400ml is 47,000won

So lets learn how to use~
It is same usage as Kerastese.
After the shampoo take some water out from the hair and massage with this cream for about 10 to 20 min. After leave about 5 to 10 minutes.

I always use conditioner so I use this hair pack for 2 to 3 times a month.
I apply onto my hair only and not to my scalp.
When I apply all the way to the roots there is no volume because I don't have that much of hair.
So apply until to the middle length of the hair.
This is the way for people to use hair pack when there aren't a lot of hairs.

There are different types of Wella SP products so know about them before purchasing them.
The numbers are given for Wella products to choose according to the types of hair.


The number in front of the period is the types of the product and number behind is the different treatments.

1 means cleanser like shampoo                                                                            
2 means lotion, silk, milk or serum like treatment
3 means mask and ample like concentrated treatment.

The number after states the different types of treatment needed for the hair.
0: enrich
1: hydro
2: repair
3: volume
4: remove
5: energy
6: sensitive
7: regulate
8: color saver
9: curl saver
For example, 1.0 means a shampoo for hydrating hair or 3.0 means enrich treatment contained to give to the hair.

Can’t you still pick one??
-       curly and have lots of hair? Kerastase Olio (cares for damaged hair)
-       curly but not a lot of hair? Wella SP enrich 3.0 (cares for damaged hair)
-       not curly but have a lot of hair and long wave? Kerastase maskcontin (cares for damaged hair)
-       If you have fair amount of hair but damaged? Wella SP Power mask
-       If you have less amount of hair and dry? Wella SP hydro 3.1

There are some people who don’t need this treatment.
If you feel dry and want to care for your hair go for Wella SP hydro 3.1
It is good to use twice a month.

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