Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pink and silver glitter nails, gel nail, gel polish, summer nail, hot pink, Cool Nail

This really goes well on short nails.
So many musicians like to do this nail because its fancy and you don't have to wear any accessories~
Normally she had pale skin but during the summer she got suntan.
Any how I did a matching nail that goes with her tan skin.
Attention people! Who anyone likes to tan~ choose a vivid color!
This color goes well with any type of skin color~
The color is vivid so it helps the hand to be the focus.
Also for the people who have originally dark skin might be worried if it well make them look darker or not looking pretty.
However this color relives the stress~

To give an attention, I added silver glitter.
The shiny glitters add more fancy look to the overall nails.
Having the hot pink French nail, full color, and silver glitters gives very detail sense.

Glitter gel nail is little bit thicker than regular gel nail.
If you don’t like the thickness but like to have glitter gel nails.
Like in the picture having some finger with glitters will be great.

In parties having the silver glitter with full color will be very glamorous.
Silver glitter is also very pretty for pedicure.
The silver glitter gel pedicure shines more on toe nails when you apply with full color~
Try them out~!

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