Monday, September 24, 2012

Mac Lightful Ultra Charge SPF25/PA+++ - powder foundation

Mac Lightful Ultra Charge SPF25/PA+++
This is powder foundation.
I really like this which I want to write review about it.
As I have said before this is powder foundation.
It is a powder that works as foundation.
It feels like applying light foundation giving smooth coverage.
Also isn’t just about matt texture but makes it look silky.

Give attention to SPF 25
When the weather is sunny all the time and applying the sunscreen only once is not enough.
You have to check the time that would sunscreen would last and apply them again.
However this product lessens the reapplication of sunscreen.
When you fix with this powder there is also sun protection.
Instead of the original black case, the case is in white silver color representing the whitening effect.
But I don't really know if it gives whitening.
I don't really expect to have it anyways.
Yet there isn’t darkening effect.
Some Mac foundation gave darkening so I didn’t like them.
However for this I am satisfied with it.
The face tone stays the same like on the morning.
This works for oily and mixed skin type.
Also it's refillable.

This applies lightly and gives smooth skin texture.
There isn’t much effect of feeling heaviness on the face.
Also there isn’t clustering when you are revising the makeup.
After removing the oil with blotting paper, spray some mists. Top of that apply the powder creating really smooth skin.
For the people whom needs foundation and concealer they would be satisfy when they use this because it isn’t too thick and gives adequate coverage.
When you are picking the shades it is better to try out first and purchase.

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