Monday, September 3, 2012

Cleansing water, recommended foam cleansing, Uriage

These days I had many blotches on the face, which it gave me so much stress.
So I had to see dermatologist.
He told me that I have to stop using oil cleansing.
Oh no….
One of my favorite cleansing is Shu Uemura…
I don't know why suddenly my face had so many blotches.
Thus according to the dermatologist I had to stop using it so I gave it away to my friends.

Now I don't know what cleansing to use.
But around the past days I heard a positive comment on Uriage cleanser.

My makeup stays longer until the nighttime and don’t have oil that much but pimples are coming up.
My skin type is in the middle but I have to use oily products so
I choose Uriage water cleansing.
It is medical brand that is well known for sensitive skin type.
There are many users.
It also cleans waterproof cosmetics really well.
The cleansing is really soft so I really like it.
It is really light so for the people who don’t like to use oil I recommend this!
I also use this even though I don't have makeup on.
The mostly liked the part where my eyes didn’t sting!


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