Friday, September 14, 2012

Cream foundation - Clinique derma white fluid cream makeup

I will introduce to you the cream foundation~
In makeup, foundation is really really important.
There are some people around me who would always wear makeup base.
Instead of applying makeup base all the time try to go for foundation!!

Protects from the sun and anti-aging as well so take a look around you.

Clinique derma white fluid cream makeup
This is foundation from Clinique derma white lane.
This breaks the stereotype of cream foundation applies thickly.
Makeup artist in shop recommends this as well
This really applies lightly and gives great coverage.
For the people, who have blotches on their face and don’t like to wear canceler, I recommend this product!
This is a cream foundation that could apply really smoothly and finishes matt so don’t have to use powder.
During the summer, using too much powder leads to clustering.
So you don’t have to use foundation and revise your makeup using only this~
The face doesn’t become dull even at afternoon.
So I am very satisfy~~
Also it lasts long~

How do you choose foundation??
First of all I recommend purchasing two different foundations, because skin changes frequently so according to the skin type in the morning, choose a foundation that will go well on that day.
Instead of going for foundation used by the celebrities, pick the one that suits your skin type.
If you are oily skin type, if you want to finish off with matt texture, than choose the products that states oil free or matt.
Mixed skin type should go for stick type foundation that would amplify the T zone.
Dry skin type would be better to go for liquid type stating hydrating formula and such.
If you like to cover some area it is good to pick cream type.
Middle skin type is fine to go for any products~~~ it is the best type skin to use anything~

There is a foundation that suits your skin~ to find the perfect foundation, you have to take some challenge to find them.
Also choose a foundation by color that goes well with overall skin tone of the face.  Don’t choose too much pale color than your skin or too dull, it will not match your neck color which it intensify your face.

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