Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash eye shadow - recommended!

You can do gradation even when you don't have double eyelid.
When you lack the technique try to give a point with a color.
If you want more color, focus more on the end of the under line of the eyes.

When you can do either of these try using only eye line and mascara would be enough to stand out the eyes.

I have some rules on choosing the eyeshadows for my non double eye lid eyes.
1. I don't really go for makeup trends according to the season.
2. Instead of the focusing on the upper eyelid but on the line.
3. Choose a simple pink color.
4. I won't apply the eye shadow if I don't have time to do so.

I want to introduce Bobbi Brown shimmer wash eye shadow.
This product can be spread from the case when you push up wards. So you could collect some colors and make a palette.

There are glitters in this line of products.
Also it lasts long and every color is showing elegance.
So using only one color would give elegant look.

Among the Bobbi Brown shimmer wash, I like to use gunmetal
I used it all and this is my second time.

You can see that it has glitters on the dark grey color.
It isn’t so fancy so it can go easily with any out fits which I really like to use it.
The reason why I pick this color to be the best is that you can do smoky makeup and natural makeup at the same time.

In Bobbi Brown the main point of doing smoky makeup is using the gel eye liner.
For other brands they use pencil to do smoky makeup.
When you use gel eye line well you can give smudge effect.
Using the “gunmetal” color first than drawing the eye line create smoky makeup.

So you can use this strong color for natural makeup??
In doing the natural makeup, applying the gunmetal color to the size of drawn eyeline, you can achieve deeper look.
It is kind of a trick.
It looks natural and clear.
The important part is to use thin brush to apply thin.
When you press with cotton buds you can avoid the dusts.

For the dark eye shadow it smudges easily so carry cotton buds with you.
I applied “Champagne” color for the base and on top Gunmetal.
Apply near the eyelashes and concentrate color on it.
I didn’t think about doing smoky but I did a smoky makeup accidentally.

I applied thinly on the underline. (when you apply too much it could look scary)
On top of that I used Bobbi Brown gel eye line “Black Ink”

I didn’t pull out too much of the line or make it thick for today but it is fine to do so.
When you use mascara you can achieve cleaner eye line shape.

For the people who don’t feel comfortable using eye line try to find a shape that matches your eye.
It only depends on how to draw them.
Practice makes perfect.
All kinds of eyes go well with eye line.
So you just have to come over the challenge and keep on trying using dark eye shadows and eye line.
It is important to find a color that matches over all personality of yourself.

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