Monday, August 20, 2012

Recommended sun block- Lancome UV Expert DNA, Shishedo Anessa Mild, Clinique derma white super city block

Recommended Sunblock!!!
Use it every day through out a year.
Even though you don’t use lotion and you must use a lot of sunblock!!
My mom is in 50 and the most thing that she regrets was not giving attention to the skin.

Lancome UV Expert DNA SPF 50
When you think of Lancome it is the sunblock.
It applies really well not having the makeup to be removed or anything.
It is not sticky or anything.
It is UV care product so it protects from the natural and artificial lights.
I use SPF 50 and the higher the number the skin gets stimuli as what doctor said.
So there is SPF30 for sensitive skin.

There is a lot of oil. My face type changes often so when I use this during the time when I release a lot of oil it is really bad.
However if you are not an oil type skin I really recommend using this!!

So if you are oily type skin what do you have use?
There is Shishedo Anessa Mild sunblock SPF 43.
This was number one product like the Lancome.
It is very light and very moisturizing.
For the oily type skin people I recommend to use this and they are really satisfied with it.

This is really strong in sweat and from water.
It is the best product to use for a summer from sweat and water.

I only recommend to people who have oily skin. When dry type uses it will feel very matt.

This is bonus~ Clinique derma white super city block.
I have reasons why I am showing one this.
As you guys know you have to use the sunblock for 365days.
This is perfect for four seasons.
I used this during the winter and it is really moisturizing.
Aside from that there is whitening effect.
So during the season where you need white caring system try this sunblock helps to do two functions at the same time.
During the application it is little bit oily however after 5 sec it becomes smooth.
It feels more like a skin care cosmetic.

This information is worth 5 stars.
This product is safe from the any light so don’t worry about it and use it.
These days in Lancome they released a product working as makeup base as well. However this is really oily.
Even in Shesheldo the sunblock got stronger called Anessa Perfect UV suncream EX. The protection form the sun got stronger and lasts longer in any liquid type.
However for the sensitive skin you should never use it. I didn’t use it but I heard that it is really strong and can stimuli the skin.
When you are applying the sunblock don’t apply it roughly but lightly pat it on to your face.

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