Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mac Strobe Cream-best product for giving light to the skin

Mac Strobe Cream 50ml 41,000won

The best base for summer!!!
Every time when I bought this I have always used it all the time.

When I go for purchasing any cosmetics I ask people around me and look for reviews in the magazines.
Also the product must be well known for the brand and after that I ask makeup artists than I go for the cosmetic.
So I would never regret my decision.
Most of the experts say that they can't do the makeup without this during filmmaking. Also employers for other brands use this product.
So not even for summer only but also for winter I will not do my makeup with out this!

It is a moisture lotion that has glitters that can be easily applied.
It is a base that works as moisturizing at the same time.
This gives natural light to the skin so I don't usually go out without this.
The best part of this is during the winter time when the foundation don't apply well Mac strobe helps to apply really smoothly.
Also as the time passes by it gets more moisturizing.
Use an eye cream and little bit of Mac strobe than apply the concealer when your skin around the eyes are too dry 
I used this when it was much popular so I regret why didn't have started using this.

It is hard to say that it works as base.
Covering and revising the skin doesn't work.
When you want some coverage I heard that celebrities use base and this with 1:1 ratio.

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