Thursday, August 23, 2012

Laformule relieving cream, fades away the pimple marks

This was the product that was in the magazine all the time.
Laformule relieving cream is one of them.

The reason why I bought this is after the pimples, there were some marks on the cheek.
Now I don't have any pimples but before I bought this there were many.

I read some comments on the website and there where all complements.
So I trusted the comments and bought it.
It was 39,000won plus 1.
So I purchased it right away.

How about the effect??
I used it for 2 weeks and I was surprised.
My skin got brighter and this was true because my friends told me that too.
I used it everyday and every night without skipping a day.
But that's it.!!

1.     what about the whiten skin?
-       this is not even a whitening product so the marks fade away so it just made the face look clear and brighter.

2.    does the marks go away?
-       it does go away! It says when you use it every day than you can’t see the marks any more. It depends on the mark if it was there for a short time than it works bit if it stated longer than doesn’t. when all the marks are gone not the deep once there isn’t any effect any more.

3.    Smell?
-there aren’t really a smell it is hard to explain by words…

4.    Absorption?
-       it said to be apply after the skin and when it absorbs apply the lotion. The absorption is pretty fast but I can’t wait to apply the lotion.

If you have pimples some times or have marks within 6 months than I recommend to purchase. 

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