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How to do eye makeup, eyeshadow, eye makeup, basic eye makeup

I believe that you shouldn’t be lazy when it comes in doing makeup.
You have to take time and find a makeup style that goes well with you.
When woman becomes pretty!
The inner beauty is well shown.
        Every woman deserves to become pretty.
        They would have more chance of being recognized from peers.

Cream eye shadow can be applied with hands without the brush.
Using only one tone of color could really change the look.

This is a first cream shadow that I received from my sister.
When I tried using it, I instantly fell in love.
So I asked her where did you purchased it..
She said she didn’t remember giving it to me….
She doesn’t really pay attention to cosmetics and just use them when she receives as presents.
If she doesn’t have cosmetics she often borrows or gives away the products she doesn’t use.

Anyway this product is called ‘Alison Raffaele’
This is kind of expensive which it cost 32,000won.
So if you have any other cream shadow you could use them.
Bobbi Brown or Stella cream shadows are also good.
For inexpensive cosmetics like Skin Food is fine.

So the cream shadow I used is light brown, beige, and little bit mixture of gold color.
Above all different kinds of color I have chosen ‘Light brown’ because
It gives natural looking shades around the double eyelid and in the eye socket. 
So it can look deeper with using only one color.
Of course you can use white or beige color in front of the eyes.

Lets apply cream eye shadow!
Control the amount of cream eye shadow on back of the hands.
Like in the picture A place the shadow close to the eyelashes and in the center.
It is easy to get stains and leave spots so spread evenly.
It is important to do a gradation.
Starting point is the darkest than going lighter.
So place the eye shadow where it has to be dark.
Like in the picture B start from the #1 place so as you go further from it the color naturally gets lighter as the number increases.

In this stage the important point is that
For the people who get easily swollen eyes don't use an eye shadow that has glitter on them, it will make it look more swollen.
Like in the picture pick a color that isn't showing too much
When you look actually the color should look little bit darker than you own skin.
Lets apply using the ring finger.
The reason why you use ring finger for applying cream and powder eye shadow is that there is less force applied on to the finger so it applies smoothly.

When you pick a color that goes well with your skin is really a good item to use naturally.

This time I will apply base eyeshadow.
For the base eyeshadow you don't need to use cream under it.
However when you use it, it gives persistence to the eye shadows
And if you pick a nice color it will help to brings out the color.
I choose a Mac shadow from Neo sapphire collection which was limited edition.
I don't know why I have chose this color for this tutorial.;;;
I just grab the color with out thinking that much.
Next time I will use a color that is not in limited edition.
However pick a color for the base that has fine glitters on them so it looks natural.

I used Mac 217 brush and you can also use
Piccasso Brush # 205, 206, 208 as well for the people who use them.
So starting from the inner eyes and bring it to the eye socket can blend out more naturally.

Apply to the darkest place with a brush first and move out towards where it should be the lightest.

Wait a moment!
You don't need to use 2 to 3 eye shadows.
Picking a color that goes well with you can look stylish.
The important part is the gradation.
You can use a darker tone aside from the picture to give a finish touch.
When you use a one vivid color like in the music video of U go Girl by Lee Hyo Lee you can achieve a vintage look.
For the base color you can use light colors.
However don’t use too much of base color where you have swollen eyes.

Choose two colors which well help to intensify the eyes.
It will be nice when the colors go with each other and the other one is darker.
Brown color can look edgy but when you choose wrong brown it can look old.
When there is mixture of gold glitter than you can achieve the feel you want.

I will apply the darker shades after the base color.
The thickness should be like the picture #1 so it looks natural.
Apply the darker shade to the area where you could see little bit when you open your eyes.
Don’t go over it too much or else you could look like over doing of makeup.
You don't really need to apply the base shadow and just go straight to the darker shades.
When you eyes are too swollen you could use only the dark eye shadow with the thickness shown in the picture so it looks natural.

In this I used Piccasso brush #239.
This is one of the brushes that I use often.
You can find a similar brush that is wide when you are looking at the front and thin on the sides.
So don’t try to use it only one side but in various ways to attain the look you want.

In this part gradation is more important than the previous step.
When you don't blend the color well it might look rustic.
So like the picture.
Red- place is on the center and spread the sides
Orange- remaining eye shadow on the brush place at the center and spread
Yellow- the last bit remaining, place it on the center and blend.

Same for the picture #3 place the brush at the front of the eye first than spread out
according to the red, orange, and yellow line.

It is a good eye makeup for work or school.
The color is neutral and very simple to wear.
However on the left side it is more like a one thick stroke line of dark eye shadow.
It doesn’t look natural and might look old.
So have to be careful and blend out the color.

The important point is that…
1.    control the amount
2.    after the controlling the amount on the brush apply where is should be the darkest

Most people who have two color of eye shadows that go well with each other.
There are some quadrate color palettes that colors don’t go well with so give attention when you are purchasing. Like as the Chanel’s palette there are some colors that looks well on the appearance but when you actually wear it, it don’t go well with each other

The products are Shiseido’s product and I just took a picture to show you guys what it looks like.
I don't really recommend this product.
Compare to the price, the quality of the product isn’t good.

Lets draw an eye line.

Today lets draw an eye line using the pencil instead of gel.
When you draw with a pencil there are some clustering between the wrinkles of the eyes. So before you are done it smudges easily.
The hard type doesn’t easily draw and the creamy type draws too thick.
So it is hard to apply between the wrinkles.
This applies only to beginners.

Today I want to teach a new way.
When you used the gel liner well to this days than you don’t really need to know.
-for the people who uses pencil
-who wants natural line than thick
-also using the pencil instead of the eye shadow to create deeper look
-people who have pencil that they don't use.

Among the pencil that I have I picked Shu Uemura’s drawing pencil.
This is well used for doing smoky makeup.
I have reason why I picked this.
It is more creamy than hard.
Among the creamy product it smudges less than others so I am using this well.

Another product is Piccasso brush #302.
As I have mention above #239 brush those two brushes are needed brushes in doing eye makeup.
It has strong bristles that are just perfect for doing a point eye shadow makeup.
Why do I bring out brush if I am doing with a pencil?
The reason why you use brush is that it is strong and doesn’t bend that easily.
Of course you don’t need to use brush but the brush bristle is strong that doesn’t bend.
So just grab a brush that has strong bristles.
Like in the picture place some eye line pencil lead on to the brush.
The pencil is creamy enough so don’t put too much.

First fill in the space between the eyelashes.
It is really quick to do.
Place it softly inside the eyelashes
Don't draw with one straight line instead do a short line connecting each other.
Start from the middle and finish the ends
Like in the picture #3 draw it thick as that much.
Do it as you are drawing with a gel liner.

If you are using a brush with a pencil be aware of…
It is good for people who shake their hands.
Even though when you didn’t draw it straight you can’t really tell if the line is straight or not.
When you are doing the end stand up the brush than draw it out.

The the eye line in the picture looks thick but when you let go of the skin it doesn’t look thick.
Like in the picture #2 the thickness of the eye line is not even but its fine.
Drawing all around the eyes might be too much so draw it only the to inner upper corner.

This is a finished eyes.
Place some of the base eye shadow on the bottom of the front eyes.
Making the bottom all white might make the eyes small or big according to the shape of the eyes.
So have to look at yourself in the mirror.

This look doesn’t look too strong neither very neutral.
It is neat and has the feeling of gold brown range of color.

Using the pencil and the brush can make a eyes more deeper and soft.
It has different feeling compare to the gel line.

Does it smudge???
When you are often get smudges it sure it does.
But be diligent and carry a cotton buds with you.
Fix any smudges if you have to.

In this picture I did a semi smoky makeup with a pencil and a brush.
Just spread out the line with a brush.
It’s a creamy product so smudges easily.
At this stage don't place more on the brush
but have to finish it with the remaining on the brush.
Before the spreading, lessen the amount of the pencil lead by smudging on the back of the hand.
Like in the picture #2 draw a underline half way so it doesn't look over done.

She has really long eyes and the area of the eyes isn’t too wide.
I can’t really remember what color of eye shadow she used however it is range of brown.
Also using the darker tone I placed on the end of the eyes.
She has her end going upward so when you fallow the line of the eyes it might look too strong so

Like in the picture #3 drew the line little bit at the bottom so it doesn't look like going upwards..
In the last picture, gel eye line was done in brown color.
I draw so thick but when you open your eyes it doesn’t show.
So you have to make a mark where you can see the line when you open your eyes.

Using the Skin Food rose cheek chok it can make your actual age to look younger.
This was a cream blush and the finishing touch is powdery.
 There was #1 but I don’t have it now as I gave it to my sister.
I don't know the name of it but it was shade of pink.
For the people who have white skin should use #1 and for people have yellowish skin should go for #2.

So what should I do with this product?
When you look at baby's face you could see that they skin looks really soft.
First of all cover the dark circle and when you use a warm color to give a light t makes the eyes healthy.
If you have severe dark circles than use a concealer.
When you don't cover the dark circles you might look tiring.

If you are done covering it
Use a Skin food cream blush.

All type of cream blush doesn’t work.
  •          it has to have pink or peach tone
  •          it is cream type but the finish have to be powdery. (so like the Bobbi Brown pot rouge doesn't work)
  •          contains fine glitters.

As I have said before control the amount you are applying with the ring finger.
Start near from the eye lashes and spread out.

So why do you use when it doesn’t show.
Using the concealer and covering the dark circle might make the skin look too dull so adding some color to it gives light to the face.
So the pink color makes the face look healthier.

Now lets apply it on the bottom.
This place is important.
The bottom part has to be lighter than the upper part.
I used Piccasso brush # 302 again.
I gave several same kinds of brush to divide for a dark and light color.
Don't really put small amount of cream blush.
Lets get the idea of the amount as you apply.
So place the cream right on the bottom of the eyeball.

Than spread it out horizontally.
First spread like the arrow #1 than spread down like the arrow #2.
Don’t make it clustered and spread out evenly.
Spread out only to the white area.
The side of the eyes has to be lighter than the middle.

Now you get a clear looking eye than ever before. J

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