Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Is it glamorous?
There are all different types of nail art for the ten fingers.
I recommend this type of design for the people who want to do sparkles, small marbles, and nail art all at the same time!
There are other more fabulous nail arts and this is all done in gel.
I like to do in gel because the sparkles and other decorations won’t easily fall off.
Also the base color is done in white so it is neat and tides up the whole manicure.

There are over 1,000 nail arts performing in Cool Nail .

So you can choose any kinds of design you like to wear.
There are several people who changes little bit of the design that is shown creating their own design to themselves.
You don't really have to follow it and just communicate to us the look that you want.

The nail artist drew the pink lines one by one.
Also when you look closely there are some sparkles add on to it.
It is just right to be unique and glamorous.

Sparkles are really popular for any season.
It is like an accessory so many people so they like to have their nails done instead of wearing jewelries on them.
It is more exclusive with own though of nail designs.

Only the gel polish can do the marbles which is done on the ring finger in the picture.
You don’t have to worry about the dust going inside or loosing some marbles.
The gel polish coats the marbles so it holds them up tidily.

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