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How to choose perfect red lipstick, recommended red lipsticks:Guerlain Kiss kiss 523, NYX Black Label 132, Mac Russian red, Chanel Aqualumiere 65

Sexy red babe~
Didn’t you feel jealous when fair skin wears red lipstick?
Aren’t you feeling sad about yourself the reason why it doesn’t go well with me?

When you start to put on red lipstick isn’t it too chaos?
You have to remove the keratins, be careful from smudging, and when I look at the mirror it looks scary…
I will teach you guys how to make a perfect red lips.

Red lipstick was the hottest trend during the 0809 F/W.
Red lipstick is
loved by many people and it is beyond concept of sexy to classic.
If you like to transform
than you might or you should have red lipstick.

Even for the celebrities red lipstick is needed color in the red carpet or not
It is an accessory for an edgy look.
Like in the picture many Hollywood celebrities likes to use it.

I started to like red lipstick from the days when Madonna wore the red lipstick.
From than on I admire her and the red lipstick.
As I grow up I look at the messy red lips of Katy Moss and from than I opened my eyes towards the red lipstick.
I wear lipstick in a suit or for a vintage style I used more cherish red lipstick.
Even when I feel bored about the outfit I out on the red lip stick.
But why do I only have this picture?

Lets try to wear it today~
 When you make your lips reddish than the face tone gets brighter.
I don't know where but it gives clean feeling.
The basic step is to make your skin clear with caring or covering it for good with a concealer and foundation.

I choose some of the red lipstick among what I have.

First lipstick.
Guerlain Kiss kiss 523
This is my favorite red color.
This is the item that made my friends angry when I told them you could try other red lipstick except this.
This product is on the edge of being discontinued.

The charm of this product is the style that gives.
It is sexy and gives purity at the same time. It gives elegance even though there is some kitsch of color.
The color seems to be in the boarder line.
It is red color but have some maroon color. The shows very little amount.
I want nobody but you~

The only negative part is that it is hard to erase due to the strong pigment.
Even though you remove it with the strong cleanser there are some still left behind in the wrinkles of the lips.
So before applying you have to use lip primer or base to remove it easily.
Also it goes well with fair skin.

Mac Russian red
This is really matt so hard to apply.
I don't use this for the whole lips.
I have various ways on using this.
The color is really intense and goes well with any outfit.

NYX Black Label 132
I bought this when I when out to the US.
The color seems like a Mac’s morange color but it’s more reddish.
There are fine glitters and little bit of moisturizing.
It is a color that could look out of date.
However at the other side it can be sexy.
So have to try them out before you buy it.

Lets were Guerlain Kiss kiss 523
The color is little bit different from actual.
I didn’t photo shop the picture because I wasn’t about to show you the color.

Use a lip linear to make it straight.
There are some occasions when you need to make full red lips but these days it is odd to do.
I had to use lip primer or a base but I didn’t have time to do so I just used a foundation to clear out the lip area.
I draw the lip line first than fill in the inside.
There is no difference when you do vice versa.
The hardest part in applying red lipstick is making the outer line straight.

The reason why it tends to become crooked is the using the edge of the brush.
Don't raise up the brush but slanted onto the side.
Like in the picture #2 use a brush following the arrow.
There are two things to consider.
- Have enough amount of lipstick on the brush.
- Draw it as if you are making the shaping of the lip.
This lessens the shakiness of the hand.
Like in the picture 3 lets draw it like that for the other side.
When you are drawing make the brush start from the inner lip like in picture #4.
It doesn't matter if it’s right or left.
When you start from the inner side you can draw the line easily.
When you leave the edge it looks messy and if you try to cover it after might destroy the line.

I used Piccasso brush 501.
I have that shape of #501 but on the Piccasso site
The shape is different.

I am done with the upper lip so I have to draw the bottom.
As the same have enough lipstick on the brush.
Start from the inner corner and follow the line by slighting the brush.
When you go to the edge of the brush it lacks elasticity due to thinness.
So it leads to unstable line.
Therefore using the brush slanted is much stable and better to draw a straight line.
Half of the bottom lip is finish.

Same way as the other
After, fill in the middle part carefully.
On this stage, face the mirror front than check any place where line is not straight.

Before applying the lip gloss, use the concealer to fix the thickness of the lips.
The bottom lip has to be 1.5 times thicker than the upper.
This is the best size to be appealing.

Upper lip is thinner compare to the bottom but I feel lazy to fix it all the time so I leave it as it is.
As you can see the size of the lip it looks bigger compare to the starting.
When you apply red lipstick, the size of the lip tends to look bigger and thicker.

How to do gradation
I used Mac Russian red.

I made my lip into a circle shape like uoo~~

I forgot again to apply base or primer...
oh well I have to just do it without it.

Like in the picture place the lipstick on the middle.
In this stage you have to press lightly so the color sets nicely.

If you can’t do it with the lipstick, than use your finger.
Place enough lipstick on the fourth finger.
You have placed it at the edge of the finger so if you have long nails that is a problem.
Like in the picture pat it on lightly until you get the shade you like.
There are some colors that don’t give color strong, as the others so have to keep applying until you get the color you like.

When you are spreading the color use the pinky finger.
It has the smallest end so can easily spread it.
In this stage you can’t have any lipstick on your finger.
Wipe off the remains.
Like in the picture #2 spread it out.
Think as if your finger is a ‘lip brush’ and just follow the line of the lip.
Don't ever touch the lip on the middle.
The edge of the lip line draws lightly.
It is like doing gradation to the lip.
Don't make the edge of the lip clear.
Don't think that doing it with a finger is done with messy so do it clearly as possible.
Without touching the color in the middle of the lip spread the remaining color that creates natural gradation.

When you compare to the picture with using the brush there isn’t clear line but lessens down the intensity of red.
However this is different from using a tint or lip gloss.
The intensity of the lipstick is greater so there is still some red lipstick effect.
You can use brush at the first place but it is hard to do it for the beginners and using the finger is more natural.
This goes well for any makeup, natural and even for smoky makeup.

How can you apply in a pretty way?
Make your skin one tone lighter than actual.
Clear any spots with a concealer.
Especially clear out the area of the lips so it looks neat.
Do some eye line filling in the space of the lashes.

It looks really nice with a black and red going with each other.
So if you like to transform, go for the look.
Doing a black or grey smoky makeup or
simply just drawing an eye line is great.
Not using any eye shadow is better but if you want add some color use gold color.

When you get to know about the red lip than you can’t resist it.
It is a good way to use a red color lip gloss.
When your lip is too thin and doesn’t have the courage to wear a red lipstick than try to use a red lip gloss.

I love Chanel Aqualumiere 65
The name is party red?? I don’t actually remember.
When you look at the picture the color is that much.

Compare to the lipstick, the intensity of the color is much lighter.
But among the others that I used this gives long persistence.
Also it isn't that sticky.

Lets apply
Use a lot of lip gloss on the middle
Than wipe off the brush and spread it out.
This helps to be less glossy for the whole lip.

When you have pink lipstick apply lightly and
top of that apply the red lip gloss.
It makes a unique color.

When you are purchasing the inexpensive red lipstick you should be keep in mind;
-       intensity of color
-       not too much of glitters
-       less glossy gives more chic feeling
-       choosing a matt product is the best way to feature a edgy style.

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