Monday, August 13, 2012

OPI polishes, Mac Nail Locker Jade Dragon, OPI NL B59 My Private Jet, Lancome Vernis #003 Vivid Sand

I was looking over my camera pictures and saw my friend Saranghae. Soon I missed her so I invite her and others for launch.
I thought they have all the time in the world so I called them…
I asked them to lets meet at 4:00 clock but they were busy so we had to meet at 5:00.
Soon I realize that I haven’t washed my hair and my face for the whole day.
I felt sorry for meeting my friends like this all the time.
But it is hard to make a schedule ahead of time, as I don’t know what is going to happen the other day.
So I meet my friends often like this so I feel sorry to them all the time.

I really wanted to eat Chungdamahn whelk so as soon as I picked them up, we went straight to ‘Chungdamahn’restaurant.
This place is supposed to be for drinking and eating appetizer dish like type but for us we wanted to eat as a meal so we went to a room avoiding any glazing look from others.
We ate so much that our stomachs looked like a snake that had swallowed a cow!
I called them out of the blue for a launch so their clothes are really simple.

Meat with rice cake and smoked mushroom is a favorite dish for the people who go to this restaurant.
I don't really like rice cake but eating with smoked mushroom is fine and delicious.
The Chungdamahn restaurant menu is just fine for finger foods and as well as meals.

The next coarse that I prepared is to eat strawberry tarot in Queen’s park.
I thought the name was strawberry tarot but it was fruits tarot.. oh well…
I didn’t get to try the milk tea icing so reserving for the next summer.
Instead we ordered ‘Grapefruit Sherbet Earl Grey Jelly.’ I saw this for the first time so we went for this dessert.
WOW`~! Hallelujah, It is my style

Please let my taste particles remember this taste and lead me to this place again.

We went to the Queen’s park after the launch to paint my friend’s nails.
However as always we went out to the terrace and talk and talk forgetting about the purpose of coming to this place.
So we gave up doing the nails.

After the dessert we went to brighter place to the ‘Coffee Bean’~
I dropped off my friends to reserve a seat and I drove into the parking lot.
When I came the cushy sofa were always taken.
So we had to seat in the hard wooden chair.
There were so many people that they I though there were some huge dining party in the place.
I took the pictures after the painting but the color doesn’t show due to the bad lighting.
So I had to paint it on mu nails and took a picture.

Saranghae chose this color.
Mac Nail Locker Jade Dragon 10ml 15,000won
This was the last or 2 years ago limited edition.
Any way this product was launched at A/W 2010 limited edition in MAC nail trend.
There were 6 different colors.
The 4 other colors can be found in other brands so pass~
The chosen color is Jade Dragon (blue green and emerald green) and Imperial Flower (reddish orange).
In this picture you can see that it is deep blue green color with glitters.
The glitters don’t really show inside the glass bottle but when you apply it, you can see the fine bits of glitters.
The color is really elegant.
I like wearing green color and among the dark shades of green this color is the best.
I didn’t have any hard time picking this color.
Personally I think it is a great choice.

Even though it is limited edition,
For the people like me who go for shades of green, should purchase this product.
It goes well with any skin tone or length of the nails.

OPI NL B59 My Private Jet 15ml less than 10,000won
The color is near to black, which is very deep brown color.
Silver glitter is evenly spread creating bit of dark grey.
But it is more close to black and dark brown.
The intensity of the color is great and applies well with only one coat of color.
But for me I always apply two coats.
For this polish I don't really know which OPI collection it is.
I was searching through the oversea websites and found this collection.
But the color showing through glass bottle was amazing and felt that I needed this color.
I searched with the name of this polish but all the colors were different from the different sites but I knew that buying anywhere was fine so I purchased it.

The last time when I bought the shine yellow greenish color, it became normal color.
But still it’s mesmerizing.
For the people who love dark shades of colors I recommend this color.
Even though the length of the nail is short it is easy to apply.
(People could face difficulty applying OPI polish but it just depends on the amount of the polish in the brush.) The great amount of polish is on the brush so have to concentrate on the amount of polish.

Lancome Vernis #003 Vivid Sand 10ml 2,6000won
My friend picked OPI My Private Jet Polish and was about to paint all the nails with the polish, but I wanted to give some point using the Lancome polish, which I really love.
This is #003 Vivid Sand that is limited edition again.
I went to the department store to check out the newest cosmetics and I have pass by this nail polish.
After few days later I saw this nail polish almost at the end of the limited season.
But I have tested only and just came home.
I was thinking should I buy it or not is it a silver or gold glitter, would I use it for several times? Is it going to dry fast? I was like this for the whole week
So I went back to the department store and heard about there was only one left.
(I still don’t trust the department employer saying there is only one left. Why is it always one left when I try to purchase the product!)

I am using it well and I don't regret buying this nail polish.
I am proud of myself able to buy this polish.
And my sister wants it too.

The glitter is really THICK.
The glitter is so large that makes the nail filled with glitters.
It is different from any other glitters in the nail polishes.
It is like golden powder sprayed onto the nails.
The application of the color was different from the shop and at home.
The polish in the shop was hardened and looked like a spray of golded powder.
However at home I had to apply 3 times to create the powdery look.
But still I like this.
It quickly dries even with 3 layers.
When I apply several layers, I try to apply where there isn’t enough glitter and fill the space in. Others would focus on the certain part where it lacks some glitters and apply them.
The glitter works for doing French nail.
The application isn’t that strong for only one application so it will work better for French manicure.
Furthermore using it as a gradation would look lovely.
I will show it to you next time.
Don't think as if the nail color polish and the glitter polish would work the same because its different.
In terms of application and the formula itself.

 Also another flaw is that under the department store lights it looked like a golden glitter but looking under the lights at home looks bit more of silver color. So the color changes from different light settings.
I painted only one nail for my friends but applying all the fingers with this color and wearing a suit will give very strong and edgy look.

These work as
-for whole application

Also can be a topcoat.

The negative part of this polish is in removing.
It is really painstaking to erase this.
When you apply for the whole 10 finger it might take whole night even until the next day you won’t able to erase it.
Applying as a point is much easier to erase but for the whole nail have to go to the shop to erase it.
My sister never goes to the nail shop.
So it means it is possible to erase by yourself.
I am wearing it right now and I really like this polish.
For the people who love glitters should search for it and buy it.

I always said that I don't like glitter polishes
but I have all the satisfying non-glitter polishes so I think I am going for the glitter polishes.
I search for the glitter polishes that doesn’t only depends on the glitter but have unique color to itself.
There is no end for searching a perfect color that gives elegant and edgy style.
I won’t build a nail shop with all the nail polishes I have but still.
Oh well…
The colors that I can’t find in the nail shop color and purchasing a unique color is just a pleasure for me.
I like and enjoy painting my friends nails too.
If I feel sad or am not in the mood to do something just thinking about searching for a new polish makes me happy and brightens my mood.


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