Friday, August 31, 2012

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Nowadays there is an attention to what celebrities do for their nails.

These days there is even a word for girls generation airport fashion.

I think when most of the celebrities goes on the airport is a hot issue.

When the singers go on the stage different nail arts bring the attention to the audience.

So one of the customers had brought a picture of Tiffany’s nail (Girls generation member) which she wanted to do.

There are lots of different styles done by celebrities and in a Girls singer group they all have different concept from each other.

Like cute, sexy, elegance, modern, and so on.
This nail was done with black and hot pink.
She really likes the star so we changed a style little bit so its only style found in Cool Nail.
Tiffany’s nail wasn’t deep French but for her we had to do it as a deep French because she had brittle nail and had to keep the gel for 3 weeks or so for revision later on.
So along the 3 weeks the new nail grows making it brand new.

She really liked the style and felt so happy.

When the pink meets black it becomes funky but sexy at the same time.
On the right side drew the stars and on the left hand place a star pats.
It goes well for four seasons in Korea.

Aside from using the stars using glitters would look pretty as well.
For the people who like pink more than black try out the other way around.
It is very beautiful~

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