Thursday, August 9, 2012

Benefit some kind-a gorgeous lite compact foundation

For the last past months I am love with 'compact foundation.'
I want to sleep 5 minutes more to call as a make up.
I can’t be late because I am getting ready and putting the entire make up.
Also I can’t go out with bare face, my age won’t allow me to do so.

Compact foundation is
You don't have to place it on back of your hand
Also no need to hold up a mirror
Inside the car or waiting at the street and even by walking you can apply it.
It is very quick
So it clears out your skin and gives an effect of 5thousands blotches looking into only 3thousands.
So it only helps to gain at least social respectability.

Should I say compact powder is too thick??
The products that comes out this days aren’t
There are many products that are lighter than BB cream.
Even though it applies lightly, it covers the face well.
All the products have their characteristics in variety of forms so don’t just go ahead and buy but pay attention to those.
You can choose a product that fits with your style and ideal.

Benefit some kind-a gorgeous lite 9.5g 45,000won

As you know
Looking from the outside it is moisturizing even when you are applying.
It is very soft as soon as you apply and the finishing is very powdery.
It is very light and looks natural are the only strong point of this product.
There is strong pros and cons.
The reason that I didn’t want to buy this is the color.
For the people who use brighter #21 color won’t have any effect on gaining a radiance on their face.
The only satisfaction is from the long usage of this product.
It is thin and has short persistence.
But having a weak point on the range of colors it could helps to look natural.

If you apply darker shade than your skin tone, there is no radiance
But without any skills and concealer you could cover small blotches on the face.
Saying the easy way,
It is possible to cover because of color that is matching the blotches on the face.
So using this method,
For the male celebrities who don’t need brightness on their face, they would use like this product and cover the blotches on their face with darker shades than their actual tone.
From here is about Some kind-a gorgeous medium.

Lite was newly launched
It was about to grab the attention of pale skin tone people
But the color is..;;;
The application is same but the coverage got lower.
As the color got lighter,
The natural coverage by the original wasn’t there.
How can you call this a foundation?

When I researched on the Internet, there were only positive comments
that made me mad.

This product from Benefit
makes the face transparent with oil free.
It doesn’t make the face transparent
But I think this product is the transparent one.

It is pass natural looking as if you don’t apply any foundation.
I have used it myself and my sister said,
How can you go out without any makeup on?
It really makes me feel like the only cosmetic I used is sun cream.
Comparing with the colored sun protection cream has more coverage.

The persistent is not satisfying.
From the first place I don't know if I have applied any
So it makes me the make up needs retouch or not

Adding only new color doesn’t make a new product. I didn’t understand why is like that but well the color is new all right.

It is cream type compact so there are no worries on breaking.
But when you drop it the broken mirror falls onto the product.
(like the other products the puff is top of the content but this one is at the bottom)
If the mirror broke definitely have to throw it away and more chance of contacting dust.
Foundation these days at least contains SPF 10 but this doesn't.
Is it saying to take the sunlight through a mouth or what.
It is really a mystery.

I am using original gorgeous well as not a foundation but for a shading product.
I don't use it with a puff inside but with the big foundation brush.
To make the skin appear moisturize I use this product.
This product shades matches well with my foundation and leaves no marks on the face.
If you have darker shade of tone it is better to use deeper shade than original gorgeous.
Of coarse I am saying that it works as shading.
You can use any dark shade foundation for shading.
I am only using it that way because I have to finish it and I’m satisfies on how I use it.

I really want you to keep way from purchasing for the Lite.

If you have clear skin and doesn’t care about the coverage and likes it because it feels light.
Calling this as enough coverage than thinking of the skin
I really want to tell you to use colored sun protection cream instead.
The coverage is low and its light because is only one application needed not like gorgeous.
Easy to apply in layer and easy to fix. 
By the way it provides SPF so it is much better.

When you are doing the retouch on the after noon, it is hard to say that it is light.

How can you say it finishes like a powder without powder?
All right you have to admit what is right.
The content of the color its hard to give powdery finish.
For myself I would give up on that finish.
But when you felt the powdery finish you can really feel the positive point of this product.

So if you want this type of feeling,
Not minding about the price
There is brand called Kevynaucoin.
Also Giorgio Armani is possible

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