Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wedding gel nail, pink beige gel polish with spangles, white polish with neat feminine look, glitters on gel, Cool Nail

Wedding gel nail
for the bride who needs to be most beautiful at her day.

The past days, brides have their nails done right on their wedding day.
However these days, they do their nails earlier in the shop matching their wedding dress.
Also they would have their wedding pedicure for their honeymoon~

Wedding nail
Matches the formal white dress so the nails are simple but elegant.

So it doesn’t mean that it will become fancy, it's just feminine and neat.
This is light beige pink deep French gel nail.
Also there were some spangles added for one finger to give a point.
Others are layers with glitters.

The low value of the beige pink adds onto the feminine look.
Glitters on top shines nicely from the lights on the ceiling

Many people are going for gel nail for wedding nail.
This is because it lasts long and doesn’t get easily chipped off.
Also it's possible to do revision so can keep the nails for a month.

For wedding nails they do gradation or French gel nail.
This is because the bottom is applied with transparent gel polish so when the nail grows it doesn’t show that easily.

Also after the honeymoon you could achieve your nails just like the wedding day.
Many people do pink or white color.
White color looks better when you do with gradation or French style.
For the full coloring, beige or light pink is mostly used.

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