Thursday, October 25, 2012

BB cream recommend: Banila Co. Let Me Finish, Chamzone Fever Let Makeup BB Cream

BB Cream got popular because it helps on the busy morning.
BB cream helps by lessening the products that you have to apply on the busy morning.
I don't really use BB Cream but I use when I stroll around alone around the malls.
Personally I don't recommend BB cream.

Recommend to...
People who doesn’t really have interest in makeup,
Busy college student or workers on the morning,
Want to even out the skin tone and finish off the makeup natural or
When you feel lazy
High school students

Banila Co. Let Me Finish BB Cream
Before I met this I used Chamzone Fever Let and I was really satisfy.
I knew this after finishing it and compare to the price it really satisfied me!!! 1,8000won!

I didn’t have Fever Let BB cream so I couldn’t take a picture.
#1 is Clinique Darma White Liquid
#2 is Laneige Maniac
#3 is Bobbi Brown moisturizing
#4 Let Me Finish BB cream

I tried expensive BB creams but it doesn’t equal as this.
The price isn’t everything to equal the function.
There are some textures that are thick and don’t settle onto the face.
Especially A brand, H brand, and D brand, not really~~

People who use Banila Co. product the first time might be surprise trying to give me a mud pack.
However it will change into middle shade of color ending up to match the tone of the skin.
The texture is similar to liquid foundation, which applies really smoothly.
This evens out the skin tone and speed of the absorption is quick so useful during morning.
Also there is vitamin A that said to be helping in recovering.

Chamzone Fever Let Makeup BB Cream
People who can’t trust in inexpensive price I would like to recommend this BB cream to you~!!

It is very popular product shown in magazines, recommended by beauty editor, and used by celebrities.

When you use this it feels very light and or too matt nor too oily.

The first one that I showed you is the Banila Co. sunscreen + Base + Foundation.
Fever Let is primer + Base + foundation.

If you are going to use Fever Let apply a sunscreen before.
Don't forget to use a sunscreen because there is some BB cream in Banila co. that doesn’t have sun protection.
If you are having a lot of out door activities than apply the second time so it protects from the sunlight.

BB cream is to achieve a natural looking skin so don't really expect on coverage.
It only helps you to only gain natural looking instead of being glossy or brightening up your face.

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