Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Laneige: Snow Crystal Dual foundation SPF22

Snow Crystal Dual foundation SPF22
I don't really take pictures
But I won the contest in Laneige so I took those pictures~
I used it last night and today.

This is dual~ product which I like!
At the top its concealer and at the bottom is foundation.
I will talk about the foundation for today’s review.
I have to try more on concealer to write review on it.

So talking only about foundation.

The unique part of this is the pumping.
When you press it you can get enough amount and use it.
I was excited to try this out.
First of all the application was really smooth!.
I tried with hands and brushes.
It worked all well with any tools!

When you are applying with your hand,
-        place the foundation like a spot and spread them out.
When you have sponge pat it lightly and organize it~ increasing the adhesion.

When you are applying with brush!
-       There are many who use brush.
This product is better to apply with brush which the products sticks to the brush well helping to apply easily and smoothly.

How about the coverage?
It is like Bobbi Brown’s moisturizer. It covers lightly and evens out the skin tone.
This is perfect for people who like to do light makeup.

Foundation tends to give darkening but this didn’t so I was surprised~ looking at Laneige with positive mind~

I want to recommend to people who are busy or lazy in the morning.
You will know when you try it, it absorbs easily.
The glossiness disappears right after the application.
The persistency is really long~ which I don't need to revise.

Instead of being moisturizing, it is soft and finishes smoothly~
The absorption is quick so making it matt so avoid using the powder.
If you feel uncomfortable use the powder on T zone.

Another product from same brand called shimmering multi cream is good for people to use who wants shimmering effect on their face~.

It will help to have moisturizing finish!!

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