Tuesday, October 9, 2012

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 Do you work out during summer?
This is the perfect nail for working out in summer days

Many people who are going for vacation comes to Cool Nail
They would like to have their nails done according to the place they’re going and outfits.
So it could go well with each other.
During the summer days people like to do fancy nail arts.
It all depends on where you are going; like to the beach or over seas~
There are over 1000 nail arts you could choose from Cool Nail.
We help our customers to get their nails with best design that they would love them and be satisfied.

Working out people like this gel nail because its simple yet fancy with silver glitters.
The sky blue color gives the cool feeling and goes well with silver glitter.
The silver glitter gives point to the nail or having all sky blue gel nail would be simpler.
Also many brides like to have this gel nail

She has cute hands so it goes well with this style of the gel nail.
The feeling would be different according to the design of the nails.
If short nails or short body nails would give more cute feeling instead of being elegant.

There are many designs for the French Style to be done like in round shape but the trend is to do it as a straight line.
The narrow French nail is usually straight.
However for the people who wants their nails to look longer should have their French nails done in rounder shape.

Do you enjoy doing water ski or climbing?
This is the nail that goes simply well with all the energetic activities.

When you are play sports it’s important to take care of the hands during summer days as well.
People would often get contact with water because the weather is hot and likes to go to the beach.
It is easy for the hands to be dry so use hand cream often.
Apply them consistently so there is an effect.

Professional nail care system with great technique doing SOAK at Cool Nail.

In Cool Nail shop
There are over 1,000 different nail arts and nail polishes.
Check out the style for visiting our shop.

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