Friday, October 19, 2012

Leopard print pattern gel nail, Autumn nail, sexy, feminine, Cool Nail

Deep French gel nail gives different mood compare to the regular French nail and how glitter polish was used.
So ask us for advice and we will help you gladly to achieve a look that you are lookking for.

Leopard pattern gel nail art.

She has lovely and feminine image so did a white French leopard pattern gel nail.
Now and in the past days, Leopard print is always in trend.
It will always come any day of the year.
The image of Leopard print is to give sexy image
So some people think it's too much for them to do but this is one of the styles that isn’t too much.

She picked a Leopard print pattern from the choices however it look too much for her lovely image so changed a bit.

During the hot days it gives cool feeling.
The base was done with white French color and on top of that draw some Leopard print pattern to give some point.
The importance during this step is to draw them to only half way.
In this nail art design we don’t want the sexy feeling that leopard print gives.
So drawing near to the French line helps to achieve the naïve feeling.

It looks just simple like leopard prints on top of the white French nail.
However there are thoughts given to each one like the size of the French nail, base color, and where to place the Leopard prints.

If you want to have cute feeling than sexy use pastel colors that would work much better.
It looks soft and pretty.
The mood changes on what pastel color you used.
If you used sky blue or yellow, it’s lively and if it’s pink color it brings feminine.
Having the Indian pink on top of almost mint color sky blue will go really well.
According to the color it can achieve different mood.

This Leopard print pattern suits really well for people who wants cool leopard print pattern gel nail.

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  1. I love the nail design:) I am always looking for something a little different:)

    1. Thank you. You should look at Cool Nail folder~ there are diversity of nail designs