Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Recommend eye shadow: Estee Lauder- #43 metalic eye shadow

I don't have double eyelid.
I have many products that I know its good so want to tell people to try out.
So this time I wanted to tell the reviewers on the color that is found in Estee Laduder pure color eyeshadow.
#43 Metalic

There are so many colors to choose from within one brand.
However for people like me, who don’t have double eyelid and too much fat on the eyes, is hard to choose a color.

I can’t really choose a color without putting thought to it.
I recommend peach or pink color that could use only one color for the beginners in makeup.
However like my eyes, it would look more swollen.

First of all change the thought!
There are some makeup beginners who don’t dare to use dark eye shadow colors.
1.     Throw away the stereotype on colors.
2.    Don't have to always use eye shadow.

People, who don’t have technique in applying eye shadow, don't use it. Instead focus more on the facial makeup.
When you apply lipstick blush, mascara and eyeliner than it will be a perfect makeup without an eye shadow.

I really love Bobbi Brown or Mac eye shadows however during makeup I like to use this color of eye shadow.
When you look at it first, there are some gold glitters.
It’s like yellowish kaki or brown kaki.
Anyway it's a dark shade.

Like in the picture apply this as eyeliner.
Getting thicker at the end of the eyes.
It’s nice to apply a base eye shadow before.
However for me, I don't.
You have to use one of them among mascara or eyeliner especially with this kind of makeup.
Eye liner would be better.
I recommend #43 metallic because it goes simply well with any people and gives depth to the eyes.
Wanting to look natural eye makeup this color is best to use.

There are some people, which their eye makeup smudges easily.
Fill the space of the lashes with gel liner and on top apply #43 eye shadow covering the gel line lightly to prevent from smudging.
It gives depth to the eyes and smudges less with the gel eye line.
Smudges naturally as if smoky makeup was done.
People who are into smoky makeup, drawing the line with a pencil thick and on top using this eye shadow smudges naturally and goes well with any outfit.

People who have thin eyelid or double eyelid and girls who are use to doing eye makeup with eye shadows use with a pink color and other more color to create gradation.
Pink lights up the eye shadow color.
Also people who have darker shade of skin tone, #04 dusty rose would better instead of #12 candy cube.


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