Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lip-gloss recommended- Dior Addict High Shine, Kiehl's lip-gloss

Revolution of red color lip-gloss

Some one told me that blotches are forgiven but dried crack lips aren’t
Kiehl’s lip-gloss
I like to use Beauty Soap and Kiehl’s lip balms as moisturizers.
These lip balm end up just giving moisture than color and glossy lip.
Before applying the lip-gloss, lip has to be in a smooth condition so it was hard to take care of.
Also if the white keratins come out, that’s not even more acceptable.
So did this product came out to give color and moisture?

There isn’t variety of colors however all 6 colors released were popular in other brands so that was good.
I bought ‘Golden berry’ to wear it when I don't have my makeup on and just to give healthy looking lip.
When I looked at “Icy Everest” I love the color and used it more than ‘Golden berry’
When you were it, it’s almost like shimmer transparent lip gloss but if you wear it to give volume than it’s like a pink color that was dipped in a water making it very charming color.
So does it work on moisturizing?
When lip balm did 100% is about 75%.
So I am just satisfy with it.
The intensity of color is fine but applying only once might not give the color you want.
The most satisfying part is the stickiness.
When I use other lip-gloss that said to be popular but it was too sticky but among them I use Mac jelly because it was less sticker than others.
However this Kiehl’s lip-gloss, I was satisfied with a texture and how it applied.
The price is reasonable with the amount.

Dior Addict High Shine
This is a lipstick but lip-gloss.
This is a stick type lip-gloss.
The intensity of color is like lipstick and moisturizing with glossy effect.
As it’s a stick type, its less sticker than lip-gloss.
Lipstick is really glossy so kind of sticky but not an uncomfortable feeling.
There were too many colors to choose from.
It was hard to pick but I picked pink and peach tone, which I would use, the most.
The colors that I bought were 364 creation pink and 346 sensation coral.

I am wearing sensation coral and give creation pink as a present to my friend.

She said it’s really wonderful.
People who use lip-gloss only won’t regret purchasing this product.
You could layer it several times when you are wearing makeup otherwise one sweep is fine to give natural feeling.

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