Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Variety of nail design, summer nail, glitter, stripe, star shape, deep french nail, Cool Nail

Summer nails all together!

French nail, glitter, stripes and star shape art.
It brings the cuteness and femininity all together.

Want to do glitter
Want to do French nail
Want to do diversity of design and art.
This is the perfect gel nail to do.

In this French nail there were glitters, French tip and some star patterns.
So it is fancy but doing it with pastel colors made is soft.
People who looked at this nail art wanted to do it because it was easy to comprehend.

There was so much sincerity
The glitter was applied with a brush that needs some patient and focus.
All the bronze glitter was applied well without any space.
It also requires different thickness and strength.
The lines are that straight because it was drawn with the hand.
That’s the beauty of it
Also drawing the star with a glitter needs lot of focus so it was hard to do.
Having to do with powder glitter makes it shinier.

As there is sincerity it takes time as well.
If gel nail takes 1hr to 1hr 10mins this would take about 1hr 30mins to 2hrs.
So if you want to do this type of nail, contact us and make reservation.

For people who don’t like pink color, use mint instead.
Most pastel colors are great to use.
Pastel color will make it more girly and lively.
So it gives feminine feeling.

Also the French tip should be done with deep French tip.
If the tip is too thin, it looks empty.
The French tip has to be thick so it can give some heaviness and trendiness.
If there are too many details it would look messy but balancing out the design would work great.

Try this nail art before you regret it~~

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