Friday, October 26, 2012

Recommend lip-gloss- Mac Lustreglass Instant gold

This is Mac lip gloss Lustreglass
It’s well known to people and favor by many people.
I used to use wonder struck color but this time I found a perfect color that I was looking for.

-       nude color but not dull
-       fine glitters that aren’t overwhelming
-       emphasizing on the glossiness
-       transparent enough to blend well with other color product

Mac Lust Glass Instant Gold
I like to wear it these days.
It’s in nude color but not too dull so goes well with natural looking makeup and even for deep makeup looking chic.
If the eye makeup were emphasized, it would bring the lip as well.
If you apply several times, it brings out the white glitter even more so goes well with smoky eye makeup.
In the picture my lip looks sticky because I applied numerous times to achieve glamorous look.
Applying once or twice makes it normal looking glitter and it’s not a sponge type but brush.
So it helps to apply easily and very sensitively.
Also covers the keratins and the wrinkles as well.
However its little bit sticky but less than Bobbi Brown.

The reason that I look for this color is because I wanted to use a lipstick that I was tired of using it.
Transparent lip gloss would be fine but it looks boring so using this color brings out another new color.

Its nice to use it as is but to be more playful and experimental try out applying on top of different lip stick color.
Like in the picture applying on top of light base color give that kind of color but also applying on reddish and darker shades looks really cool.

Try out the lipstick alone before you purchase it because the color might shown differently.