Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Estee lauder: #21 Peach Nuisance, #14 rose nuisance

I was using the ‘Benefit Dandelion’ but I tried to use Estee Lauder Tender blush~

There is single type and gradation type.
I bought the gradation type because it looked nice and I though it would be fun to apply.
(It isn’t the picture on the left)

I bought peach color #21 Peach Nuisance
I don't really like the color cosmetics from Estee lauder but I just did impulse buying.
Personally I like pink color but from long time of decision-making I picked the peach color.
My choice was perfect!
I like the color, persistence, and the brush.

I can’t really say about the intensity of the color but it gives really natural peach color~
Many people asked me what blush I use and so I bought another color #14 rose nuisance.
Personally I go well with pink color better than peach so I had to go and purchase it.
The brush inside the container is much better than ‘Benefit Dandelion’
However lacks on the abundance of the hair.
Also I like the slim case~
This is recommended to people who are looking for new blush or first time to purchase a blush.
‘Dandelion’ works just fine so you don’t have to change it.

My doubt.
There are some sayings from the dermatologist that blusher gives blotches on the face and other more.
Don’t stimulate your cheek too much.
If you are applying use good quality of brushes and don’t do over touches on them.
Just buy blushes that give persistency and great color so you can only overlap once or twice.

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