Monday, October 8, 2012

Recommended lotion for men- Benefit 'Do It Daily'

After using the toner I use essence or cream.
Sometimes I leave out the essence.
I don't feel any problem not using the lotion.
So I didn’t use it for some period of time.
However last birthday I got a lotion from a friend.
She didn’t really know that I don’t use lotion.
However I should try it out as she gave it for a present.

Benefit Do it Daily~

I tried it as soon as I came home.
The amount wasn’t that much compare to regular lotion.
Only 60ml…

The texture is more on creamy type than liquid so I don't have to use that much.
I am really into Benefit but not into skin care lane.
I tried using the ‘Women Skin Toner’ and I don't feel that great relating to the expensive price.

However ‘Do it Daily’ is different.
The application isn’t that good compare to the other lotions but there isn’t any stickiness and absorbs well.
The moisture lasts really long.
This is better than other moisturizing cream that said to be moisturizing.
It is moisturizing but not too rich.
Doing makeup in the morning I use only toner and this lotion on top of that sunscreen.
I feel really light.

I don’t use lotion and mostly when I got one I gave it away to my friends.
However for this one I don’t feel like giving away~
Before I go to sleep I like to have simple skin care.
So I used only toner and this lotion.
I felt the smoothness and elasticity for several hours before I go to bed.
There wasn’t any dryness.

So do I have to put this in my wish list??
-        When you don’t have any problem or feel uncomfortable with skin care products you don’t need to buy.
-        Also when you are using essence or moisture cream, you don't have too.

This is just part of the moisturizer and you don't really have to use ‘lotion’
Also there are some sensitive people who feel the sting on their face.
When I tested to my friends, she felt the sting.

However I am writing this review for people who have severe dry skin that they have to use essence and lotion.
This is a good lotion to use than other expensive lotion.

Even for oily skin type, instead of using many skin care on the morning, just using toner, lotion, and eye cream would be fine.
Using simple skin care cosmetics will be just fine so instead of going for all kinds of moisture cream use toner and only this lotion.

Also another target of customers are males~!
Being a male, you don't have to only use male’s cosmetics.
If you aren’t so so dry skin type there isn’t better product than this.
There are some cosmetic brands saying that males have to use several cosmetics.
However you don't need that much.
For the people who doesn’t do makeup or doesn’t have blotches on their face won’t be a problem to neglect usage of toner.
There are so many different types of toner among them use a light and moisturizing one.
However it is better to pay attention to sun and wear sunscreen to avoid aging.

This is perfect lotion for males who don’t like the stickiness or a feeling that they put something on their face.
Also for people who over produce oil on their face~
It is just perfect item for them to use.

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