Monday, October 8, 2012

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye cream: eye cream for makeup

Helps with the skin that gives cracks around the eyes
Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye cream

I don’t really use Bobbi Brown skin care products but there were many people who liked it and gave great complements.
So I bought it.
It says to bring moisture to the skin and all those information related but I can’t really feel when you apply it.

However this product is different from other eye creams.
It feels different when I used it.
Other eye creams are usually for dark circles, wrinkles and further effects, but Bobbi Brown eye cream doesn’t say anything like that so instead of being a skin care product it’s more like eye cream for makeup.

When you apply there isn’t any stickiness and absorbs well.
For people who experience blotches on their eyes, you don't have to worry about it.
I used it over a month and there was no problem.
I don't know if there is an effect on dark circles or wrinkles but same as other eye creams.

On special days when you need to look neat with a makeup, there is concealer to use but I don't often use it a lot.
So when you wear creamy type concealer, it tends to get dry around noon so I also use Kiehl’s ‘Avocado eye cream’, which it gave some crack but this product doesn't.
It really helps the concealer to absorb well into the skin.

When you are applying, control the amount.
Also during the nighttime, you could apply all around the eyes but when you are trying to cover your dark circles, apply only to your bottom of the eyes.
When you apply on top of your eyes, it might cluster the eye shadows.

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