Monday, November 5, 2012

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Wedding Gel Nail

In Korea, wedding season is on spring which is on 4, 5, 6 month or in winter season its on 9, 10 month.
However nowadays, mates around me get marry according to the date they like.
So all year around, many couples are getting marry.

This is the day for brides to be most pretty so there are many things to do for them.
Mostly they would take care of their skin, body and even nails.
Women these days would do nail care before their wedding so its in perfect shape to do their wedding nail.
The shape of the nails and the body is more neat and in good shape.

If you didn’t get the chance to care your nails, during the wedding nail, its important not to cut the cuticles really closely and care with some oil pile.
So it could prevent the keratins rising.
Proper nail care is needed not only for the wedding nail but also for all nail.

I can still remember Kim Nam Joo’s (famous actress in Korea featured many in drama and hottest working mom celebrity) wedding dress.
There were much elegant style of dress but she breaks the standard of wedding dress.
She wore a simple dress with a point on her shoulder and a cleavage line dress.
It looked very modern and matched well with her image.
It looked really beautiful.

Among many wedding dress in celebrities, her dress could be picked as best dress.

There are some dresses that are used a cloth to give a point to the dress
Or used an accessory to give another point so it could be reminded by many people.
So having to match those dresses, having some neat and clear point of gel nail is needed.

According to the style of the wedding dress, it would be exciting to choose a nail that goes well with the dress.
However it’s hard to pick one.
So before tell the nail artisan about the style of the dress and what kind of nail style you would like to do.
In Cool Nail there are diversity of wedding theme nail arts to be presented to the brides.

Using the pink tone for the base it looks feminine and having the stone for one nail at an each hand makes it glamorous.
One of the nails has applied stones all over the nails and other is only half way diagonally.
So this balance out the glamorous look not making it too much for a formal ceremony.

Using the stone in variety of size makes balances out not making it too heavy or too light.

Adding more thoughts on on the nails where you are wearing your ring, should lessen down the stones and for the other hand place the stones on all nail So putting the more stones on the right hand would look much better making the wedding ring the highlight.

Not only during the ceremony but also for wedding photos
During the shoot, light tends to be really bright so when the stones bounce off the lights, it would make it very fancy and gorgeous.

People who don’t match think pale pink, don't give up on doing the wedding nail, and there are other more colors to choose from in Cool Nail.

Professional nail care system with great technique in doing SOAK at Cool Nail.

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There are over 1,000 different nail arts and nail polishes.
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