Thursday, November 15, 2012

New gel color, gold gel polish, autumn and winter color, deep french gel nail, Cool Nail

A new gel color!

It’s an autumn season so for the customer of Cool Nail, we got new gel polishes.
Gold color is for autumn and winter seasons.
We want you to be fancy trough out the cold weather.
There are other shiny glitters for gel polishes
This gold color is one of the newest gel polish.
During the summer days, liked to use vivid colors so for autumn having to apply deep or light shades of color might look boring.
Applying gold color with it pops the whole nail and gives a mood of autumn season.
The pink color is light spring color matching with a gold gel polish making it right design for autumn season.
This is a love value shade of pink color making it very soft.
This kind of pink color goes well even with reddish skin tone.

In autumn its better to wear colors that have more weights than just to be light.
So instead of just doing French nail, do deep French nail which it looks better.
Same color different style because of the thickness.
Also people who have long body nail, it would be perfect for them to do deep French nail.
For the short body nail, it’s better to go full color or thin French nail, because it might make your hands look short and chubby.

This nail art goes well with any outfit.

If you want to look more fabulous, add some spangles or nail pat.
Wanting the gold color to be the focal point, add some spangles on top or wanting your nails to all fancy add glitter on the pink.

When you are thinking about doing revision, than its good to choose a style in the picture.
During the revision, if you want to shorten the length of the nails, talk to the artisan first.
Also if the nails are damaged choose a design that would work doing revision.
So you don’t have to do the soak often and grow out new fingernails.

Professional nail care system with great technique in doing SOAK at Cool Nail.

In Cool Nail shop
There are over 1,000 different nail arts and nail polishes.
Check out the style for visiting our shop.

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