Thursday, November 22, 2012

Autumn Nail, purple french gel nail, square shape spangle, gel polish, deep color, Cool Nail

The weather is cold in the morning and night.
Wear long sleeves and be careful not to catch a cold

Gel nail that goes well during autumn is purple French spangle gel nail.

On autumn, the colors are deeper than summer pastel colors
If you applied light and pastel color of purple during warmer season let’s try to wear deep purple during autumn and winter.
Also there are some people who are looking for black since autumn is back.

Tone down colors give an effect of neat and clean looking hands.
Some people might think that deep colors are too heavy and look too old, but there is a effect of looking sophisticated and neat.

The color that is in the picture has little bit of wine color which brings the luxury feel.
Also to give a warm effect it’s popular during winter.
Exception to purple that has some cool colors  other purple colors looks great for different shade of hands.

The point on this gel nail is the spangles.
Since it’s autumn instead of sliver spangle we use more of color spangles because sliver spangles gives a cool feeling.
However deep color polish with sliver spangle balances out to have a synergy effect.

Also with deep colors and sliver spangles create a perfect point like in the picture. Sliver spangle shines of opal colors and lessen the cool feeling but give bling bling feeling.

Since the costumer has small body nail putting a lot of spangles might give chubby looking hand so just a point with small amount of spangles is enough.
Also it might look too simple with fewer amount of spangles so having a design of checkers will bring a cheerful emotion.
It’s good for people who have long nails or large body nail to give as a point.

The spangles have different sizes and design so it brings out different style. The design changes on the shape and amount of spangles apply to the nails.

Spangle is needed item for autumn. 

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