Thursday, November 22, 2012

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Real autumn gel pedicure

The major color during autumn is gold with sexy, heavy, and chic black. 
This gel pedicure is perfect for autumn!

This pedicure has a great mixture of black and gold. 
The gold color has a difference in value and brightness depending on the appliance. 
This time the gold color has the shades of yellow and has lessened the heaviness of black color and for the people who like heavy feel it's better to apply a deep gold color.
During early autumn bright gold is better and when the weather gets cold deep gold will emphasize the warm feel.

This costumer wanted to go with gold color and glitters feels lighter.
This color will go great during summer but since it's early autumn we need something bright 
The black helps the bight gold to stand out and grabs the light.

The costumer wanted to have gradation but the toes nails except the first toe were too small. 
So it might make the toe nails even look shorter. 
However we have to satisfy the costumer so we did the gradation on her first toe and others in full color. 
For the people who wants gradation but your nails are too short apply on the first toe to grabs the attention~

During summer French gel pedicure brings clean and neat feeling but during autumn and winter is cold so lots of people do gradation.

The use of black and gold glitter on the fist toe matched the full black color for the rest of the toe nails.
This way it emphasizes the gold color as what customer wanted.
If you want to have a neat style go without the spangle and glitter. 
Also if you want to look fancy and bling bling style instead of using gold gel color use a gold glitter.

This picture with gold gel color is brand new gel polish
It feels bling bling because of the glitter but if you want definite bling bling we could use the glitter in full color.

Just tells us the style that you want~

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