Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Recommended moisturizer: Clarins, Hydra Quench Rich Cream, Benefit Dear John

The popular product from Clarins, Hydra Quench Rich Cream
First of all, there are three different types
Cream rich (dry type), cream (middle type), cream cooling- gel (mixed type)
For my skin type I should usecream’ but when I tested with ‘cream rich’ the ‘cream’ felt too normal so I picked this to use it to my friends thinking that I couldn’t finish it myself.

The texture is too stiff for it to call a moisturizer so lacks on application.
So it’s hard to apply softly.
There isn’t any sticky or low quality of texture so I am satisfied.
After the application it feels soft and moisturized so liked the feeling.

I really don’t like the scent of this product!
The smell to me is stimulating instead of being just bad smell.
Also it lacks on the application so when you are applying foundation on top sometimes it doesn’t settle and slips away.
So have to apply this moisturizer slowly instead just applying as a normal cream.

I don’t know the difference between mixed and dry type
But as I though ‘cream rich’ has more oil than moisture.
I am satisfy with the feeling of moisture right after the application but later on it turns out that it wasn’t moisturizing because of the moisture inside the product.
So it’s more like nutrient cream.
I used the dry type one but I don’t think it would be enough to satisfy because my skin is mixed type which I didn’t think that it was too much for me to use.
When I use it for night cream, after two hours, I didn’t felt the moisturizer anymore.
When I used this my cheeks become hot when I am not a sensitive skin type.
Not like stingy hot but little bit!
 I can’t use this before my makeup.
When I apply during the nighttime, after applying the tonner and essence, I feel the warmness on my cheeks.
However after an hour it becomes fine.
So I think it’s better to buy a Korea moisture cream, which is only half a price, compare to this.

Benefit Dear John
How can many makeup artist likes to use this moisture cream~~~
They would say for the advertisement that they like to use this moisturizer.
How can they use more basic care cosmetics in Benefit than color cosmetics…
Also for every new basic cosmetic, they would like.

This isn’t that special but like other moisturizer
The texture is fine for it to be a cream and moisturizing.
It’s not sticky and absorbs well.
The persistence is great and the moisturizing.
This is better than Clarins Hydra Quench.

However comparing to the price, there aren’t special ingredients.
There aren’t exceptional differences comparing to Korea moisture cream.
I recommend ‘Dear John’ having good quality to my friends who lives for the sake of spending their money.

As I test many products I think about to myself that I should think about the products objectively.
If the product is better than 20,000won moisturizer or can you find a product that cost 20,000won.
When you learn about the ingredients about the cosmetics you start see the cosmetic worlds.
Expensive product is good/never all good.
It’s worth the price/it’s a shame to put a price.

I really like Benefit products but there are some basic cosmetics that aren’t worth that much of money.

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