Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Recommended brush Cleanser: Banila Co. Brush Bath

Banila Co. Brush Bath~!!
This is just a brush cleanser
The reason why I liked this product is that price was cheaper than Mac brush cleanser.
The price was inexpensive so I was curious and bought it.

First of all the difference is that
Mac brush cleanser announces the ‘disinfecting’ function.
However this doesn’t say so…
Oh well besides from that everything is ok.
It washes off the makeup quickly.

In case of Mac brush cleanser 235ml finishes quickly can’t even remember when I washed all my brushes.
When I wash one big powder brush, it disappears rapidly.

Banila Co. is relatively cheap so satisfied.
The price is inexpensive but don't hesitate to buy, try it!

Truth and False about brush cleansing

1.     Do I have to wash a brush every day?
- no need to. Wash the brushes once a week but over than that, it’s dangerous.
2.    Can be washed with a Shampoo?
- It can be or can’t . Regularly used shampoo is never allowed. Brush that bought for an expensive price would end up destroying.
It damages without a notice so stimulates the skin with hardly noticing.
3.    So what shampoo can be use?
      - Wool shampoo can be used.
It washes off really clearly
      4. How to wash a brush!

-     Importantly, it would be better to use a lot of cleanser but I want to recommend this way.
1.     Be ready with the cup used for brushes only.
Not with regular cup because the makeup remains on the cup.
2.    Pick the biggest brush and wash it as you are pouring the cleanser.
3.    Try to wash the brush as many time as possible and throw the water away.
4.    Pour another cup of cleanser and wash all the brushes.
5.    Throw away the water and rinse off the powder brush.
6.    Wash the foundation brush in the water, which powder brush was rinsed in.
7.    Wash other brushes on the water which foundation brush was washed in.
8.    After that wash it off the brushes by pouring new cleanser.

So this way, it helps to recycle and wash off  makeups in the brushes totally.

After washing the brushes don't place them on regular tissue.
Place them on kitchen towel because regular tissue tends to stick to the brush making it messy.

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