Friday, November 23, 2012

How to use makeup brush, recommended makeup brushes

Makeup brush X file

What do people think about when they are purchasing brush?
Observing from my view, when you look at the magazines there are Bobbi Brown, Mac, Shu Uemura, and even Chanel.
However not like cosmetics you might buy because it’s on the magazine, brush is another hand for makeup artist!
It’s hard for the beauty editor to know about brushes so it’s mostly supported by the cosmetic brands.
Also it’s hard to believe makeup artist from different brands because they would eventually recommend their brush.

So what do we have to use when we aren’t professionals?
We don’t need brushes that much because we aren’t professionals.
Today I am introducing to you…
the brushes needed by women who are busy decorating their face that aren’t too professional to use.
You don’t have to really tell yourself of buying all the set of brushes.
You could purchase one by one when you need them.
Instead of increasing the number of brushes increase the skill on using brushes.
Your makeup time will be fun~

From introducing to you about some makeup brushes I want to talk about not really familiar brand.
This was my dream makeup brush, ‘Piccasso.’
These brushes didn’t just become my dream brush comparing to other makeup brushes.

I wasn’t so familiar with this brand because they don’t really advertise themselves but well known around makeup artist.
These are their ideal type of quality.

These aren’t really known by the public maybe because of a pride or what so ever.
Also it’s hard to get it from the website as well.
I heard that there are many artist want special cut and hair quality only from Piccasso.
I notice from the makeup shop that they use
301 (eyeliner)
211 (lip and concealer)

There are some people who do full makeup or just wear BB cream and blush.
So don’t think about purchasing the brushes all at once.
Lets check what kind of brushes you are needed from this review.
I mostly recommend the brushes that are highlighted in red.

In bigger scale brushes can be divide in artificial, natural, mixed hair with natural and artificial.
You might think natural hairbrushes are expensive so it's good to use for every parts of the face.
However it’s better to use where you want less stimulation for applying powder products.
A flat artificial hair or mixed hair is used for foundation and cream type products to apply them evenly by the great tenacity the brush has.
So from this review you will able to differentiate from those brushes.

1. Lets apply some foundation!

With a foundation brush able to apply makeup base, and primer.
(I use only foundation brush for applying foundation and for base or primer I use latex sponge.)
Applies lightly with a brush and gives natural looking skin instead of using your hands.
In applying for delicate parts pick flat shape brush that wouldn’t stimulate the face and does it apply thinly?
Also check if there are marks left behind.
When hairs come out easily and while washing if the color of the brushes comes out, than use it for dusting your house…

Instead of using the puff, the Piccasso brush applies lightly and transparently.
Also the color and the shape doesn’t change even when you wash it.
The texture of the hair is really soft made out of special hair.
However there is some spreading on the end so it’s hard to use it.
Using the first time, it’s hard to control the amount however after many practice you could achieve perfect looking skin.
When you look at the picture, the tenacity isn’t that good.
It’s hard to go back to the original shape.
Nevertheless it works really good applying the glitter foundation.
The soft and thin hair fills in the pores perfectly and glitter doesn’t cluster.
Usually I use this brush for applying cream blush.
It settles well instead of showing the intensity of color.
To achieve natural gradation practice is needed.

Bobbi Brown Foundation (mixed hair)
When you use it first time, it has great tenacity and after washing stays the same.
It’s soft and great tenacity helps to apply thinly and transparently.
Also if you want thick layer makeup, applying layer by layer is possible and helps the makeup to be longer in persistence.
Compare to Mac 190 the tenacity is better and less spreads.
It holds less foundation because it’s thin and easy for the beginners to use it.

When you buy foundation brush in Bobbi Brown they give you this transparent plastic case.
However some place doesn’t give unless you ask.
So don’t forget to get one if you are purchasing a brush.
In Makeup Forever, 8N brush (N series- silver) the size is large so absorbs foundation a lot…
I haven’t use it yet..:)

Spraying mist on foundation brush?
There are many questions in spraying mist to avoid brush marks.
This method works however it’s dangerous.
If your skin is really nice it can help to apply lightly without leaving marks.
When you don't control amount of mist, than it’s harder to apply.

Every skin type has its foundation that works for them.
It better to get use to applying with a brush it you purchase it.
Mist helps you only to lessen the marks of the brush left in the face.

However the most important part is the foundation texture.
When you don't control the amount of mist, you won’t achieve the texture or the coverage you wanted from the foundation.
When you are purchasing a brush from the first place, pick the quality brush so you don't have to use a mist from the first place.
I went to many makeup shops and didn’t see any makeup artist spraying mist on the brush.
So from the first place get use to using the brush so could use them flawlessly.
All you need it skill and some practice.
Using the mist with the brush would only lessen the coverage, adhesion, and persistence.
When you can handle the brush well, you won’t have to use a mist and erase all the brush marks.

What can you do about the marks left behind from the brush?
The marks left behind is cause by lacking technique.
The amount of foundation, the angle of the brush, and controlling strength need to be managed.
Controlling these three are needed more than any other thing.
It doesn’t happen because the brush splits during application.
When it smudges, you can cover it by the end tip.

Pour some on the back of the hand and put it on the brush in front and back only to the half way.
Than control the amount again on the hand.
It’s really important to control the amount if not it will apply thickly and leave marks easily.
When you are using everyday, than the next morning you don't have to apply so much because there are some left overs inside the brush.
However after washing the brush, it absorbs more foundation so control the amount more carefully.

Applying on the face!
Following the direction of the skin is needed so start from the middle of the cheek towards the nose or to the line of the chin.
When you do it like this, it applies smoothly on the nose area and doesn’t look too thick.
Apply it on the face over all and on the other half control the amount of foundation on the hand and apply it again.
You can do it alternately for each cheek but apply half only and clean the messy part than start with another part is much easier.
After applying the cheeks with the rest amount use it for nose, forehead and chin.

Starting from the cheek uses more amount of foundation moving on to other parts makes it lot lighter looking makeup.
If you don’t blotches on forehead it’s important to apply thinly on the forehead.
If you apply little bit more amount on the nose, chin, and forehead the makeup might look thick.
If you have high cheekbones be careful not to apply too much.
Also applying lighter than cheek on the chin line is required for the face not to look big.
The number in the picture shows the thickness of the foundation however when there are blotches to cover on #1 area than you should apply thick because coverage is priority in giving flawless skin.
However it shouldn’t be much as #3.
Where the area should be the lightest has to be but where there are some blotches start from there again as like you are layering the foundation.
The brush marks are erased by pressing the brush also do it with short touch instead giving long touch.
It important to apply lightly but apply it as you are giving adhesion press it lightly.
Even speed is very important in applying foundation.
Slowly, longer time, and delicacy is needed.
However before the brush dries you have to finish it but you need some practice.
When you use the wide area of the brush and press it lightly, the marks disappear.

When you are applying large area like cheek and forehead hold the brush to 45 degree or less than use it only 1/3 of brush so the marks wouldn’t show.
The brush needs to be in 90 degree for delicate parts like side of the nose to fill in the space completely.
After applying it lightly, erase the marks on the sensitive area lightly with the end of the brush as if you are slightly sweeping with the brush.
Lastly slight the brush angle and pat the area so it increases the adhesion.
So this will help you too settle the makeup and erase the marks.
When you are removing the brush marks it’s not the end.

If you want to achieve flawless skin than you should erase the trace from the brush.
As I told you before, using the mist might erase the brush marks bur not the trace marks.
When you look at perfect skin shown in Shu Uemura foundation advertisement it the skin that you want to achieve when you are applying the foundation.
As I have said before when you use a mist not properly, it will leave more trace lines.

     2. Lets cover the dark circles and blotches with a concealer.

When you look at the trend these days, the base is lightly applied and as if foundation is applied or not.
So job of the concealer gets bigger.
When you want to cover the moles, freckles, and other more blotches you need good concealer and a brush.

Brush has to have tenacity and flat shape that could apply sensitively around the nose and the eyes.
When you are going to cover the blotches one by one with Mac or Bobbi Brown brushes aren’t enough.
The artist who are doing the makeup for public needs 4~5 concealer brushes.

Mac 194 (mixed hair)
I used to use this brush before I knew about Piccasso.
The surface was narrow so was good to use for the front area of the eyes.
However for covering the dark circles, it leaved brush marks easily so took time to control.
Even for Bobbi Brown brush it was too small to cover the dark circles so had to pat with my finger to settle properly.
When I bought Bobbi Brown concealer I bought with a brush but that was my mistake.
When you have some skill you could cover the dark circles however it’s hard to cover the small blotches perfectly because the size of the brush is too big.
I didn’t really saw makeup artist using this in a shop to cover dark circles except in Mac or Bobbi Brown stores.

In Piccasso Brush there is same brush 194 from Mac which I used it for apply bright pink tone cream shadow under my eyes.

When you use these varieties of concealer brush, you can cover all the blotches without leaving some marks.
 There are some differences on using concealer brush in a shop but mostly uses Piccasso brush or Makeup Forever brush
Proof 13, 401 (mixed hair)
These small brushes are good to use for covering the blotches.

401 is also use as a eye line brush however it’s really small so perfect to cover tiny pimples.
Proof 7 (mixed hair)
This is one of the brushes I like used for covering dark circles.
It’s hard to use for delicate areas like in front of the eyes but using the end of the brush that leaves no marks at all and covers really well.
Even Mac 194 are used to cover the area in front of the eyes however in the shops they also use 210 and 211.
When you want to cover only dark circles, it’s better to use proof 7.
Also works better for tube concealer squeeze onto the back of the hand.
Like for Bobbi Brown concealer it’s better to use the fourth finger.
The Piccasso brush works better than Mac or Bobbi Brown in applying naturally.
Let’s cover some dark circles!
Making the brush 45 degree or less and swept it from inside towards outside.
After erase the trace mark.
When you are using small brush like Mac 194 after applying pat it lightly with your finger.
For the Piccasso brush proof 7, lightly press the brush and spread the concealer putting little amount of strength.
Than pat it lightly with a brush in slanted ways so can cover it without unsettling.
The amount of concealer depends on the amount of the hair in the brush so have to control the amount on the hand first before applying so can do it without clustering.
Not like applying foundation brush, apply only to the end of the concealer brush.


    3. After completely use a base powder to settle and to control the oil.
Soft natural hair brush doesn’t stimulate the face when you use a brush for powder.
So squirrel or weasel hair is used.

Mac 187 (mixed hair)
There is no stimulation and very popular mac brush that applies the product with adhesion.
Also I don’t now why you need powder brush first of all because doing the blush and shading fills in the face and also highlighting the T-zone chin, and under the eyes would fill in the space.
When you are using this brush to apply all over the face, the cutting of the brush is straight so hard to do in delicate areas.
When you do several touch around the nose, it might become thick so it’s better to use round edge Bobbi Brown brush but it’s made out of goat’s fur making it too rough to use.

Mac 187 is popular and introduce many times in the magazine also, when you feel the texture it’s really soft but very expensive.
There is same brush 187 in Piccasso brush.
I haven’t try out yet because I have the Mac one.

Some people say that 187 brush it multi type brush.
However even other brushes are multi type brush, it can use for foundation or cream blush.
Other brush can use for lip or concealer brush.
So incase of 187, you could use for powder, blush, pigment, and more.
This brush is often use more when you are applying pigment.
It’s hard to handle this brush for beginners in makeup to use as a foundation brush.
The persistence is just normal and hard to layer it.

Piccasso 702 (natural squirrel hair)
This brush is used for highlighter or blush.
However in the shop they use for apply powder.
When you look at the picture, there hairs aren’t that abundant so the artist use the large surface area in applies the powder.
They would put some powder on the brush shake off the powder than using the surface lightly pat it onto the face and using the end of the brush swept it lightly.

The hair is really soft like a silk and when I use this brush onto my friend’s face, they would really like the texture because there is no stimulation.
People who used Mac or Bobbi Brown would find this brush really worth it when they try out.

Piccasso 106 (natural lamp’s hair)
Compare to the Piccasso 702 it’s rough because 702 is really soft.
Even this is really soft and has a shape of an egg.
This brush can apply to delicate parts.
Also it’s used as a highlighter or blush but can be use as a powder like 702.
When people ask me what to buy between 702 or 106 it’s hard but want to recommend 106.
However when the skin is really sensitive go for 702!

Powder brush is often used to hold the oil after foundation and concealer.
Also you can press a puff lightly after to settle down however it might make the skin too dry so it’s better to use a brush.
Control the amount of the powder of the brush after shaking them out.
Starting from the forehead down the T-zone and lastly finish off the cheeks and the chin with the amount left on the brush.
So this way, the makeup won't look too thick.
Also when you swept the brush too hard it might remove the concealer so use the large surface area like from 702 or 106 brush to pat on lightly and swept it very gently.
Hold on to the end of the brush so the strength isn’t too strong.

    4. Lets give light to the face with blush
There are varieties of ways to use blush according to the texture.
When you use organic hair brush it doesn’t stimulate the face, and gives natural looking gradation making the face look healthy.
The intensity of blush is important but also normally you applied a blush in circular motion so the Bobbi Brown brush end part was in round shape.

However when you go to makeup shop, they would lightly sweep or pat than doing in round motion to give the gradation they want.
So I have put aside my Bobbi Brown brush.

Shu Uemura Natural Pony 20H (natural pony hair)
The texture is really soft made out of organic hair.
The brush is cut diagonally so easy to use for the cheekbones.
For this type of brush don’t use it as a round motion but sweep it following the direction of the skin so the color doesn't cluster.

The cutting is large so it’s hard to have a exact shape of blush you want and the price of the brush is 60,000won….

Piccasso 17 (natural hair)
The brush is smaller than regular blush brush and it has flat surface without too much of a hair that makes it unique.
The round edge helps to achieve the style you want.

Piccasso Pony 14 (natural hair)
Looking at the TV or Magazines, I saw this brush introduces by famous makeup artist.
The brush is used for applying blush and I bought this myself and it was so smooth and became one of my favorite brush!

Like Bobbi Brown brush that has abundant amount of hair and have round shape at the end should hold it 45 degree angle and naturally apply the blush in round motion on the apples of the cheek.
However for Picasso 17 or pony 14 is different.
Place the blush on the apples of the cheek by patting.
The intensity of color is really good because the powder is settling onto the cheeks.
After patting, do the gradation very lightly as if the brush would touch cheek.
In this stage, remove the lines with the shape that you want.
Applying the product all around the brush and shaking it off the powder to avoid clustering.

Once I heard that Chanel blush brush was really good however when I tried it, it was really rough then I thought.
So don’t think about purchasing…

Piccasso proof 06 (Japanese artificial hair)
Slightly bigger than a thumb
Brush is just right for foundation, concealer or using cream type product

I have similar size as proof 7 so I use this for cream blush only having great tenacity of hair which it spreads out the product without clustering.
Apply the product on front and back of the brush and control the amount on the hand and spread out without showing the borderline.
When you have enough practice you don’t have to control the amount on the hand and just go straight from the product.

Mac 189 (artificial hair)
This is one of the brushes that I liked to use.
It’s a brush for Mac Mineralize skin finish.
Comparing the nail the size is really huge.
This brush has abundant of hair and its soft with great tenacity.
The characteristic of the brush is the comfortable grip and luxurious looking hair.
You could use not only for mineralize but shimmer powder.
Apply it very lightly in sweeping motion instead going circular motion.
Only one sweep shows the great intensity of color.
When you are using mineralize or shimmer powder you might want to purchase one.

To be continued...
There are about half more to post... Sorry for so so so long post~... please take some break :)

     5. Try to fix your outline of your face with shading.

Same as powder brush made with natural hair having no stimulation to your skin.
Made with squerriel, weasel, deer, and etc having good quality.

Piccasso 102, 103 (natural hair)
The style is same but the sizes are different.
Used for shading, powder, and blush but I only saw doing shading in the shop.
102 brush is bigger suitable for chin line, neck, and front of your ears.
Smaller size of 103 is good for your forehead and behind cheek bones.
Apply some product onto the brushes and rub the two brushes against each other so the product adds evenly, than apply onto the parts you want.
Settle the product first by patting and after make a circle motion with edge of the brush to erase the lines.
702 has really soft hair like 102 and 103 which doesn’t destroy the foundation that you applied before.
For people who don’t use shading brush there is no pressure of purchasing but if you want to purchase at least one recommend buying 103.

Piccasso 202
This brush is use for lining up your nose so use caramel color starting from the inner eyes down the nose.
It blends in well with the highlighter on top making the nose look thinner and sharper.

Be careful with the colors of the foundation and powder to not to show great difference. This brush is cut in round shape diagonally, which is perfect for shading your nose.
Also the hair is natural that gives no stimulation, but for people who have narrow eyes is not recommendable to use or else it will make it look narrower

Piccasso 725 (natural weasel)
The hair is more stiff and planted well by each other than 202.
This brush has a high quality on the elasticity but really soft use as shading brush fixing the outline of your face. (like the hair lines)
Mix the powder with eye shadow similar to your hair and shade in your M shape hairline to make it rounder giving prettier forehead line.
725 brush has a strength in the hair so it’s good for the forehead line also applying it strong has no stimulation.
Personally 202 and 725 are my most favorite brushes but these aren’t the priority brushes to purchase.

    6. Giving a 3D effect by using a highlighter
If you are using a powder type of highlighter it’s good to use natural hair brush but using powder, cream and liquid types is much better to use mixed or artificial hair.

Piccasso 14 synthetic (Japanese artificial hair)
This brush is really soft and has a good elasticity great to use for powder and liquid type of highlighter like ‘High Beam’.
Also it’s easy to bend so applies well giving great adhesion without clustering the product.
For the powder type add evenly to the brush and shake off some powder to adjust the amount.
After lightly apply onto your T zone, under eye, chin, and your fate wrinkles.
For people who have long nose apply only 2/3 of your nose same for cream and liquid type.
First apply in short strokes and spread evenly onto the area.
In this stage, the coverage part might be reveal so it’s better to use powder type of highlighter on the blotches.
People who can use their hands to apply highlighter it unnecessary to purchase this brush.

    7. Eye shadow that makes your eyes lively
Eye shadow that gives intensity of color is necessary and softness matters for sensitive eyes.
For cream eye shadow mostly mixed or artificial hair is used for stiffness and for powder type soft natural hair brushes are used.

Mac 217 blending brush (natural hair)
I used to using this brush before I receive Piccasso brush.
This brush is ok with powder and cream type and good for blending two eye shadow colors are doing natural shading with only one color.
This is made up with natural hair that has no stimulation to your eyelids and easily erases the boarder lines of the eye shadows.
It’s better to blend two eye shadows rather than doing precise eye makeup.

Mac 219 pencil brush (natural hair)
This brush has a shape of a pencil at the end so used as eyeliner brush doing delicate blending with shadows or emphasis on your inner eye line.

Also good for doing smudge smoky eye makeup and this brush made me panic since it was same as Piccasso 219 which has less elasticity to define eye lines so better to use for doing gradation in eye makeup.

Bobbi Brown eye smudge brush
This brush is 14cm long, which has a short handle, but mine is in professional size in 21cm.
It’s for doing delicate smoky eyes.
As it gets toward the edge the hair gets narrower so it draw thin lines or thick lines when you press it down.
This brush is good but my hand often goes to pencil brush.

Piccasso 208 (natural hair)
I have same Bobbi brown eye smudge in Piccasso 208A but got 208A as a present.
This is bigger compare to Bobbi brown eye smudge but I haven’t used it.
I’ll post it later after I have used it for several times.

Bobbi Brown touch up brush (natural goat hair)
Makeup gets easily erased around your nose and mouth so this brush is use for covering up the delicate parts and doing retouch.
However powder or concealer covers it up easily so not needed… so used as more on eye shadow shading.

Piccasso 239 (natural hair)
This brush is identical as MAC 239 eye shading.
Frequently use this type of brush so its fine with me to have two brushes but this is softer than MAC.
It has no stimulation to the eyes and bends easily with high elasticity so good for blending the eye shadow.
Also settles down the base eye shadow easy to build gradation on top.

MAC 231 small shade (artificial hair)
This has short length and wide at the end with flat square shape.
Instead using it for powder shadow it is good for cream shadow to draw colorful eye line or to do delicate gradation.

Also has a good elasticity not shaking the bristles able to do delicate lines.

Piccasso Proof 14 ( Japanese artificial hair)
I wouldn’t have bought Mac 231 brush if I know this brush was giving it to me.
This helps me to draw natural eye line by using gel type but use more on the cream type color eye shadow to give a point.
This brush is necessary for me but for people who use natural eye makeup is not really that essential.

Piccasso 205, 206, 207 (natural hair)
This Piccasso shadow brush is three in set that are use for different eye makeup. There are more different types of brushes but I have these brushes as a gift. 

Depending on the product the brush is adjusting the thickness and toning so no need to buy other brush.

Piccasso 302 (natural weasel fur)
This is a point brush that I really wanted
I have heavy eyelid of instead of shading the whole eyes, I like to do makeup more in drawing lines. So I like to used pointed brush.
I like to use just pop of color as a point or for dark smoky eye makeup.
Also edge of the brush is delicate so it’s possible to draw eyebrows but I only use it for doing eye shadow.
This brush is possible for drawing upper eye line, inner corner eye line, or underline.
For blending make the brush flat and doing delicate lines hold the brush short and use the end of the brush to present a color.

 Bobbi Brown cream shadow brush
This brush has good elasticity that doesn’t split at the edge good for spreading the cream shadow.
This product is for Bobbi brown long wear cream eye shadow but also use for other cream shadows.

However most of the artist use Makeup Forever or Piccasso brush… I wanted to buy but I have his Bobbi brown so maybe later in my life when I purchase some cream eye shadows.

We have fingers that are use freely and small like a brush.
Applying a shadow with our fingers shows clear colors but have limitation of doing gradation and showing the intensity of color.
Especially applying a glitter eye shadow, using a finger and applying underneath the eyes is a problem… since pearl is not easily erasable so you might erase all of other makeup.
When the brush doesn’t work great we intend to use our fingers but knowing the skills of the brushes it bring out more quality of makeup and precise look rather than using your fingers.
For applying a wide range is not a big deal but to give a point some dust will fall in terms of darker colors.
Therefore brush is better to use by adjusting the amount on back of your hands holding short and lifting up the brush therefor adds the strength to the edge of the brush so it doesn’t create great dust.
This goes same for underneath your eyes.
If you practice it will be lot easier to use a brush to do delicate eye makeup.

     8. Let’s define the eye shape with eye line!
Gel type eye line became popular so the eyeliner brush became well known too.
It used near to the eyes so has to have great tenacity and be soft.
The shape has to be flat so it can draw accurately and delicately.

Bobbi Brown Ultra Eyeliner Brush (mixed hair)
The brittle is sharp and short so can draw delicate lines.
When you put gel eye line around the hair it makes the brittles strong and stiff to draw delicate lines.
It can apply very thin but adding the strength could give thick line.
The thickness can be controlled.
Also it’s easy to end it naturally so used it for really long time.

There are some inexpensive eye line brush having the same shape of the bristles but it was stimulating the eyes.
There are professional size (21cm) and short handle (14cm)
You can choose the size you want and for me I choose the short handle because I go really close to the mirror when I draw eye line.

Who said Bobbi Brown eye line brush was the best??
As many magazines have said and announced about the Mac and Bobbi Brown eye line brush I didn’t know about Piccasso 306.
I didn’t have the Piccasso 306 but I saw some makeup artisan using it at the shop and felt in love with it.
It is same as Bobbi Browns’ but its shorter and stronger with flat shape.
The brush is more flat so can finish faster about 2 to 3 times. However it’s too flat so use it with Piccasso 401.

Piccasso 401 (mixed hair)
The shape of the brush can do really delicate lines.
You can really draw thin lines or can do inner corner of the eyes.
It is the product where you can achieve natural looking eye lines
People who don’t have double eyelid and wanting to do smoky makeup also wanting to do all the way to inner corner of the eyes opening the eyes more and even for drawing underline works great.

Some people say it’s hard to draw eye line and it’s important in picking what kind of brush but most importantly it’s on controlling the strength.
If you want to have straight constant line, hold the brush lightly and control the line.
Fill in the space between the eyelashes.
Apply the eye line in short stroke of lines instead one whole line.
Starting from the middle part of the eyes and ending it sharply than coming back to the middle filling in the inner corner.
Also control the amount of gel on top of the hand and apply to the brush over all.

    9. Natural looking eyebrow helps the first appearance.
The bristle has to be short and stiff to draw eyebrow precisely.

Mac 266 Small Angle brush
The bristles are longer and have good tenacity but it’s weak to use for a eyebrows.
I got this as a present but why didn’t you buy me 208!...
This is only good for doing delicate lines.

Piccasso 301 (Organic weasel fur)
The characteristic is that it has short and closely planted hair.
I used this more often than Bobbi Brown’s brush.
The bristles are not stimulating and could draw natural looking eyebrows with great tenacity.
Drawing it after a pencil and sweeping with a brush is great.
Also you can use powder of cake type of eyebrow shadows to fill in the empty spaces.
Always control the amount on the tissue before applying.
Lastly organizes the angles with the screw brush is needed.
Shu Uemura Mascara cone (mixed hair)
The end shape is very sharp compare to others.
Originally this is used for mascara however this day the brush in the mascara is better so is not needed.
This is used more for organizing the eyebrows.
In case of Shu Uemura it’s used more for people who have less amount of eyebrow hairs to brush them more delicately.

Piccasso 402
There are great amount of hair.
The brush can bend towards any angles so it’s useful.

     6. Lets do trendy lip color.
The lip brush has to have strong tenacity to melt the cream type of lipstick and has to bend well in applying.
This brush was gifted to me as friend of mine saw me wearing a lipstick directly.

       Shu Uemura Kolinsky Lip brush (portable)
This is the best brush in kolinsky line in Shu Uemura.
This is made from the natural kolinsky deer that has great tenacity and lasts long.
I was thinking about to by portable lip brush as I always carry lipstick around.
I had a Bobbi Brown portable lip brush but it was too long, so I didn’t get to carry around.
Also mini brush hair isn’t too soft.
However this has the perfect size to carry around and gives great intensity of color and even gives comfortable feeling in holding.
The dark shade of lipstick applies very neatly.
When you are applying dark shade of red lipstick the brush tends to have reddish color after.
But for Shu Uemura Kolinsky brush, when you wash it right away, the color fades away.
When you leave it for a while, the color stains at the end part of the bristle only.

I saw one of the artisan using Piccasso 211 and when I checked it on the website it was used for concealer.
I will try to buy it later and do I review on it.

There are many people who apply lipstick directly
However when there are some keratins showing, it’s better to use a brush on the direction of the keratins and slowly press it as applying.
When you get using to the lip brush it can apply very neatly and creates pretty lip shape.
Also you can create the shape of lip and apply delicately.

11. You apply too much powder??
      Does eye shadow dust fell??

Lets use a fan brush.
At the end of makeup, when you put too much powder or there are eye shadow dust sweep off with a fan brush.
You don’t really need to buy but when you have it, it can be used wisely.

Shu Uemura natural 7.5EX (Organic 오소리fur)
The end of the bristle is thin and can sweep off the access without giving force.
I also saw my friend using Piccasso 723 but I don't have it..
Also Benefit and Makeup Forever fan brush was used among makeup artist.

Do I have to use brush?
Brush is another hand.
When you use brushes well, it can achieve neat and can do makeup a lot more easily.
Applying some part strongly and controlling the strength is important
When you have the right skill, you can do makeup faster and neatly.
However you don't need to always follow what other people buy.
In case of oily skin they mostly use oil free foundation and this kind of foundation applies well with lactex sponge or hands.
So have to be clear on thought what tools to use.

Do you really have to use expensive brush?
Not like sponge or eye shadow tips, it can be use over 10 years.
Mostly brushes from brands, use artificial hair.
It might give stimulation and have limitation in giving out the colors.
When brush colors are dyed you can check it our when you wash the brushes.
When it does it might stimulates the face so have to be careful in purchasing brushes.
It’s much better to buy one expensive brush to use for several years than keep repurchasing inexpensive brushes.
So think about the quality of the brushes when purchasing.

Do you wash your brushes properly?
I recommend purchasing brush cleanser instead using shampoo or soap.
It makes the brush stiff and rough.
As I did a review on the brush cleanser I won’t write on it that much.
It’s ok to use wool shampoo many makeup artist uses wool shampoo washing their brushes.

People who tried washing with cleansing oil??
It completely removes the makeup from the brushes.
However it leads the makeup brush end up destroying.

How many times should you wash your brush? (1 time use for day)
When you wash the brushes often, it shrinks the life of the brushes.
I recommend washing your brushes every week or 10 days after.
When the brush is used for creamy type, wash it after 3 days.
(Wipe off with a tissue so the hair doesn’t spreads apart.)
For powder type brushes, wash it off 1 or 2 times a month.

How do you keep brushes?
For powder brush it’s mostly soft but lacks on tenacity.
There are abundant of hair so takes times to dry.
Squeeze out some waters and dry them on the towel.
If you wipe with a tissue it might stick onto it so be careful.
              - For the foundation brush, when you leave it as is the end parts spreads.
So after usage wipe it off with a tissue and cluster the ends.
If you are not using after three days, wash it.
If you are using everyday, wash it every week.
-       Wipe off the concealer brush with a tissue and like other brushes take care of it. The short hair dries off easily.
-       For the eye shadow brush, shake off the access and keep them.
Using only one color per brush can wash them after 1 week or 10 days.
When you are using different colors, have to wash if off after different color. So the color doesn’t mixes with each other.
-       Wash off the eye line brush right after usage and it dries really quickly so there is no discomfort.

Mac brush case!
When you buy 4 pieces of brush they give you this case.
The case has been upgraded.
Some Mac Employer forgets to give so ask them when you are purchasing the brushes.


  1. wow, this is so useful and very informative! thanks alot for sharing this, i love your brush set too :)