Monday, November 19, 2012

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Bling Bling glitter nail

This is recommend to people who want their nails to look really fancy.
You can’t avoid the glitters in gel nail to look glamorous.

She wanted her nails to be all-different glitters so picked the best colors that would go well with her.
She tried it out and chooses the colors.
Even though all the fingers were done with glitters, it wasn’t overwhelming.
She liked fancy nail all the time so she really liked this gel art.

There were variety of colors used and for people who like fancy nail art I like to recommend this style.
Glitters are bling bling and different color was used so catches the attention.

Most people like to have two or three fingers done in glitter to give some point.
Applying the glitter really adds glamorous style.

Using only one color and doing gradation looks really fancy.
It might look simple but there the glitters are fancy itself so it doesn’t look boring at all.

Especially during autumn and winter season, usually dull colors are used and adding some glitter on it, relive the heaviness.
So giving a point with a glitter looks really pretty.

People who have large body nails it might look too much if they apply glitters whole nail.
However for short body nails, it won’t look too fancy and lights up the hands.

Glitter it self is a point so its hard to choose other color to give a point.
So points are given by colors or nail pat.
Last time she did a pedicure and add smiling face as a point.
She really liked it the smiling face.
It was drawn only to the thumb because it’s too much to draw for the whole nails.
Like this customer, it’s better to give a point with a nail art on one or two nails.

She used to grow her nails widely.
However with care and doing gel nail, her nails shrink.
The think gel nail holds on the nails so blocks from growing widely.
So constant care helps the nails to grow properly and nicely.
Therefore caring the nails are very important.

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