Friday, December 14, 2012

Spangle gel pedicure, fancy pedicure, CoolNail

Bling bling gel pedicure

Her feet are reddish tone so to lessen the color black color is applied.

Black color makes you think it's heavy color but it is the easiest color also blacks on nails gives a neat effect. 
Also deep French goes well if it's too burden but now is autumn and winter so full color is better or gradation.
Surprisingly black gradation looks chic and adding the spangles is fantastic.

I was going to apply all black but to stand out I have added the white on the thumb toe and spangles on top.
This gel pedicure has a point on the spangles.
Also spangles are in same size but in different color to add the lively feeling and more outgoing style by making the base bright.

On the left thumb we have added the red spangle and on the right similar color to go well with other colors.

Instead of giving a point only on the thumb toes, added a star and some spangles to emphasize the fanciness but adding some more will look too much.

The star is drawn on the nails and doing one or two small stars also looks pretty. Since the weather is warm during afternoon we have added a silver spangle on her toe to look cool but gold goes well with warm feeling.

Spangle gel nail is fabulous under the sunlight, which it shines in different angle giving different color.

If people have big toe nails it is a pretty look with deep French.
In autumn and winter it might look cold so full colors on the rest but deep French on the thumb nails.
For small feet spangles only on the thumb is better. I’ll post that soon.

Further more women who have dead skins in heels looks bad so do some home care by deeping your feet into warm water and applying some rich foot cream or body cream.
Especially who wears open shoes or slipper is very dry so to lessen the dryness sleep with sleepy socks and put some oil which is even better.

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