Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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Autumn french gel nail

If you want to do clean style of gel nail during autumn this is simple look that has a definite point on French gel nail.

Mostly in autumn full color is more applied than French nail. Also wanting to do French gel nail, pick some deep colors that looks less cold.

Deep gray is good for autumn and goes well with different colors or alone. This color also goes well for everyone and makes your hand clean. This style is good for  people who likes to wear simple style.

Simple gel nail end with deep French nail and give a point add a deco pads.
For the autumn gel nail and for costumer we have newly stock with big gold diamond pats that gives clear point and for small hands deco pats will fill your whole nail looking charming.

The gold pats looks fantastic. 
Also as is has some dimension so need to be extra careful so it doesn't get tangled with the hair or sweater.
Place is the fourth finger that gives a point to overall nail.

For people who has short body try to apply diamond deco pats that would make your nails fuller.

It’s the change of season so face, hair, and hand is very dry. 
So cuticles easily arose so start to trim your nails short and try to cut the cuticle but it will look messier later on so remove the cuticles only around the the surface for it to grow clean in the future.

Also dry weather makes your hands dry so moisturizing is important. 
Not only hand cream but with oil is better and from time to time put some oil in your cuticles. Home care is nothing special but consistency on applying hand cream and oil so looks healthy and pretty hands. 

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