Thursday, December 13, 2012

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash, Nexcare Dual Soft Body Towel

I bought new body wash.
I don't really pay attention to body wash products than body lotion.
I don’t think there is a big effect of moisturizing my skin.

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash 350ml 17,000~30,000won

I bought it for 30,000won.
In Olive Young store (in Korea where many foreign brand in sell)
This product is advertised as organic product but it isn't.
However more of organic ingredients are used and artificial ones.
It doesn’t mean that it is organic product…

The case looks inexpensive with a plastic bottle and sticker around it.
However you can't judge by book of its cover.
The substance is very watery.
When I squeezed it, it came out so much.
It is very in liquid substance.
When I used the second time, I could control the amount.
I wasn’t so satisfy with the bubbles.
So I squeeze out several times and became too much bubbles.
This product, isn’t giving that much of bubbles.
It makes small bubbles but with long persistence.
When you start rubbing against your body, the amount of bubbles increase.
It maintenance the amount of bubbles from the start
When you squeeze more because it’s watery than gel and you can last until you finish your shower.

Also it said to be a shampoo at the same time so tried washing my hair.
I didn’t feel any big difference and just like organic shampoo.
There wasn’t many bubbles and not silky.
So I wasn’t satisfied.
However for men who have short hair will be satisfy because it’s naïve.

I told you the second time it isn't pure organic.
So when adult uses it, it’s mild.
I am satisfied however the problem is there is limonene that said to have allergy reaction to some people.
It is used for giving scent and antiseptic effect.
I don’t have any allergy reaction and like the soft feeling that gives after shower.
But I won’t ever use it to my baby if I had one.
Especially the scent is very strong.
I think the products contain too much scent.
It’s too strong.
I am use to this smell now but still it’s too strong…

This is tear free product so I rubbed it against my eyes and it didn’t sting.

Nexcare Dual Soft Body Towel 2,500--~6,000won

This is the main item but got longer for Burt’s Bees.
I bought this in Olive Young with the Bees for 5,000won
Before I bought this in online for cheaper price.
I only use this shower towel
My mom and I love products from 3M companies.
I found products that are comfortable and unique.
It reminds me of the orange earplug made in 3M that I used to use in high school that it increase, when I plug it to my ears.
It was different from others.

When I first used this, I bought it because it was from 3M.
However I keep buying this after I tried out.
You can find shower towel easily on markets and made in Japan shower towel but I personally love this!


In front, there is a hole to feel the texture.
When you touch just this part it might feel rough.

When you use it, it isn’t.
From the floor it comes all the way to the hip.
It is two sided, one side is rough and other side is soft.
You could use the soft side for daily shower and rough side for removing the keratins.
I don’t really put big difference on this different side of texture.
I just use it whatever side and especially when I use the rough side to wipe my back feels really great!
It is just rough as normal shower towel sell in markets.

I don’t prefer so soft and fluffy shower towel.
You just have to use normal type of shower towel to achieve a flawless skin not too rough or too soft.
The type of skin depends on the eating habits and condition of the body.
So for the healthy skin, using a product that removes the waste on the skin doesn’t work.
Caring only outside doesn’t give you baby skin.
This isn’t just said by me but even told by doctors.

As you can see from the picture, there is a ring to hang.
So you can hang it long or fold it and hang them.
Especially I like how they finish the boarder line of this towel.
It doesn’t change shape or get wrinkles at the end.

There is sponge type rather than Nexcare dual shower towel in 3M.
I tried the sponge type many times but I came back to using the towel because of comfortableness.
Sponge is even dual sided and it's better for the baby to use it.
I will keep buying this and probably buy products from 3M.

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