Monday, December 10, 2012

Cute gel nail art, student gel nail, casual style, stars and stripes stamp nail art, Cool Nail

Cute lively gel nail art

For people who like to wear casual clothes this gel nail goes well.

Color gradation or spangle gel nail also goes well with casual outfits but doesn't look vigorous.
This costumer is a student who likes to wear casually daily especially a skirt which looks cute and lively so we have given her the perfect look.

We didn’t draw the stars individually but used a tool to apply the stars and stripes. 
If we draw the stars it might have different sizes  but doing the art in uniformly size is another charming look done through the tool.
 Especially small stars that are closely packed might look messy so evenly layered out stars looks better.

First do a French with purple gel polish and on top used white and black stamp. Since the base color is deep purple using a deep color on top might make the stars blurry. 
For the lively gel nail we need a bright color to show the stars and the stripes. 
Also during summer white color looks lively and cool but Thanksgiving is coming as well as autumn so we have added the black color.

The color contrast well with each other emphasizing on the shapes and lines.

For summer we have used a neon color as a base it was very pretty also it does not look too much. This style is recommended for people who have worried about applying only neon colors.
Especially, in summer having a formal bikini and casual style looks better. 
Going for the blue color emphasizes the coolness and adds delightful feeling with little bit different shapes.

For people who have long nails
For people who have short nails
For people who have long body
For people who have short body
This casual gel nail goes well with everyone

French nail does't make your body looking short but deep French nail does so this is good for short body or short nails.
The design itself is casual so it's hard to give a famine feelling.
People who like casual style but lessen the emphasis and add a deep color for top coat which it helps to bring down the focal point.

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