Tuesday, December 4, 2012

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Idol nail art

For refreshing yourself try bling bling gel nail!
When you look in the television or in the commercial most of the idol nails’ is bling bling.
In the old days singer Boa’s has shown fancy nail art but nowadays most of the idols are famous for bling bling gel nail.
Especially Girl’s Generation nail art are popular since individual 9 girls has their own style of nail art.
During autumn use a deep color and by adding glitter some refresh the mind.
Also in social media their fancy nails has influence the costumers.

IF you want to apply different colors and design try out the idol gel nail.
Pick some of the ordinary design and mix match the colors and spangles. Which basic gel color, spangle, glitter also pats is all in your nails.

But, too much fanciness will look cheap  so have a conversation with the nail artist and chose the colors and design that you want.

Black colors go well with other colors so it's better to mix match the colors rather than applying only black color. This nail have some glitter on black French nail. Also adding the spangles on base colors matches the tone which emphasizes the softness that is not too much fancy but has bling bling style.

For people who has big body do a deep French to give an effect of short nails. For people who has short nails or small body put some spangles on French nail will make the nails to look narrower.

To give a more point add a deco pats. If you add a deco pads in the black color the color doesn’t stand out so I have added a purple ribbon on the sliver gel color.

Light purple with opal spangle have brought out the soft famine look and adding a spangle on the black has upgrade the sophisticated look.
Different spangles give different feeling depending on the base color also for the design and size.

In case bling bling hand feels burden it's good to do it for pedicure. Since in feet feels less bling bling compare to your hands. Also doing  pedicure leave out the deco pats because during autumn we usually wear shoes that is not open so it might feel uncomfortable.

Toe nails are bigger than finger nails so it's pretty like in the picture but applying as full color looks more bling bling.
Since finger nails are small it might look too heavy but not for toe nails.

So try to show some bling bling that you haven’t shown. The hand itself is a point so no accessories are needed.

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