Friday, August 17, 2012

Wella Punk Chic wax

I didn’t really pay attention to wax. I thought that it was same as others.
So I used a wax that was recommend by the salon or took some from my little brother.
I was using this and that.
When you know about the wax it is mainly known Gatsby among the teenagers.
However in the salon they didn't recommend this.
According to my brother when he uses this wax and plays a soccer game, his eyes really hurts from the sweat mixing with the wax dripping onto his face.
So in Japan it doesn’t sell that much.
How about the Sebastian wax?
In most of the salons they use this wax and most of the celebrities does too.
So it makes me feel that I am leaning towards what they use.
It is inside the tube so you can squeeze out and apply easily.
The wax doesn’t go inside the nails.
Among the wax that I used this gave natural style and is useful for a long and medium hair length,
During that time I thought this was the best wax and though all other waxes were like this.

After using several other waxes I met Wella Punk Chic~
It holds the hair and smells nice.
The smell is very mild and it’s not too strong.
Further more it is easy to rinse off.

If you want your hair to hold perfectly than use Sebastian but it is hard to wash it off.
You have to wash it twice or so and even there is a shampoo made after the wax.

For a women’s hair this is the best wax even though you got perm or layered.
But the price is high so look around before you purchase it.

It is ok to use a wax in a dry hair but for the short perm hair spray some water or essence before using the wax.
It helps the curl to be lively and shines the hair.

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