Thursday, August 23, 2012

Recommend moisture cream- Biotherm, Clinique, Kiehl's, Mamonde

This is the best moisture cream.
Biotherm aqua source non stop moisture cream~
This is the most loved product in Biotherm.
The reason why I pick this to be the best is because it is not on the how much moisture it contains but how long can it hold. That is the importance!!!
So in that side it is the best. It really lasts long~ when you use it before you go to sleep you can feel it the next day. It is more like a light feeling than a cool feeling so it is the best for people who don't like sticky texture.

The smell is like a cucumber but some people don't like the smell.
So for the people who want to buy should try out first in the department store.
There are diversities according to the type of the skin. There is gel and cream type.
I bought the gel type. It looks lighter and it really did. For the people who are dry skin I recommend to buy cream type or not gel is fine.
During the summer it is better to use gel.

Clinique moisture surge extra
There were so much advertisement on this product.
I like Clinique products so in high expectation I bought it.
Who said this was the best moisture cream?
There isn’t any negative part but
I can’t tell what is good about this product.
When I used it for a first time I was into it.
It was so light and felt cool and supported my makeup really well.
But!! I couldn’t remember if I had used it or not.
The persistence was really poor. I trusted the advertisement but it didn’t work like that.
If you are too oily face than you will be satisfy with using this.
It is so light.
But for the people who have dry skin and looking for moisturizing won’t be satisfy with it.
The smell is as usual like the Clinique cosmetics and among them it is the best.
It is recommended to people who need oily moisture evenly on their face.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

It is known to be a product that protected the skin in a very harsh environment like in the Greenland.
Can I call you a moisture cream??
The case is so simple and inside it there is a cream that I want to eat.
I don't like too much oil in this cream so I didn’t really liked it.

However this has fair enough amount of oil moisture and have less rich feeling.
 Even though when you use little bit of amount, it fully applies to the face and the price is really cheap.
I don't really recommend buying this however it is not bad to try it out.
It is like applying a healthy cream every day.
But don’t apply too much in the morning but during the nighttime you should.
I really recommend to people who have really dry skin because this is from extraction from plants.

This is called ‘Han Gain’s’ (one of the famous Korean actresses) Mamonde Total Solution Complete moisture cream
This had caught the eyes of the Koreans because it was simple to use with all the formulas.
There were many positive comments but for me I didn’t like it.
The moisturizing is really working.
However the application is too thick. It feels like a foundation.
It feels like if there is a shield protection over it also I don't feel the absorption.
When I wake up it is still sticky.
My friend was fine with the stickiness so I gave it to her.
When the price matters and can resist the stickiness than you should go for it~ in terms of moisturizing it’s perfect.

Skin, lotion, essence, moisture cream, day cream, night cream, whitening cream, eye cream, and etc.
There are so many products to use for a one single part of the body.
From the statement said by the doctors, and the experts!!!
You don't need to buy all of this. It doesn’t mean that the skin is absorbing all the products.
Just buy the products you thin you really need. For basic caring use skin and lotion than use a cream than finish with an eye cream.
If you want two than use it separately during the day and nighttime. If you really want to use essence than give some time for the skin to absorb.
Don't forget about the sunblock
There is limitation in using the cosmetics.
It is good for your skin when you eat a lot of vegetable and fruits, 
The closer to the vegetarian the better for the skin.

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