Thursday, August 30, 2012

Inexpensive moisturize cream

Lets give nutrients to the face that cost only 20,000won.
I found a smart cosmetic that cost only 20,000won that give night nutrients.

This is The Body Shop vitamin E series.

This is might cream!!
The vitamin E moisture cream had to be said that is was selling for every 0.5 sec.
But I didn’t buy it because I was using moisture cream.

I had this receive as a present.
So I got to try it.
As I tried for a day there was an effect.
The importance of a cream is the stickiness and the absorption.
Those two characteristics were just perfect.
It is similar to Kiehl’s Ultra and has the richness feeling but it isn’t too heavy and absorbs quickly.
It isn’t sticky at all so it is good to use as a night cream.
The smell is also my style.

You can see the effect when you wake up in the morning.
 It's very smooth and soft so it satisfies me when I am washing my face.

For the really dry skin type would be non-enough.
Medium dry or oil type skin and mixture of skin type would be satisfied.

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