Monday, August 20, 2012

Sampar prodigal pen-removes blackheads

Sampar prodigal pen
This is so popular in the Internet.
It really works for managing the black head.
It advertises on reducing the pore size.
Even for the people who have tried says that.
But how can I trust them~~

So I tried it!!!
Nowadays many shops sells this product 1+1 event.
So you can buy to at a price of 28,000won.

There were many talks about it so used it.
The conclusion is that it is that much of attention needed.
There was an effect but the advertising was to exaggerate.

In the site it says to use 4 to 5 times a day but how can if you have your makeup on and it’s covering the pores.
I used it during the morning and night time.
It is very cool~ and stings;; I like cool feeling products but this is too much.
There isn’t dramatic effect of reducing the pores. In the first place I didn't expect.
How about the blackhead? Doesn't if goes away? Of course not~!
But it makes the black heads color to shade away. So I think that is why everyone is crazy about this. It really fades away the color.
Also it says you could put it where there is a pimple.
But however it depends on the type of the pimples. When you have big ones it might make it worse
I can’t really feel if it helps to reduce the size of the pimples.

“So are you telling me to use this???”
It says that it reduces the blackhead but it doesn’t really helps to reduce the number but just the shade of the blackheads.
I recommend this if you have severe problem with blackheads! But don’t expect for the blackheads to be gone.
So just be in mind that you are tying to lessen the color of the blackheads.
You will be satisfied with it because it definitely brings down the shade of the blackheads.

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