Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Glossy makeup

Glossy makeup is trying to make your skin look like just came out from shower with looking fresh and moisturizing skin.
It is really popular in Korean Society because of how celebrities’ skin look flawless.

When you are doing glossy makeup choose products that contains lot of moisture.
Even if you like the products first remove the keratins.
I am maniac on Clinique Clarify so it you have read my post on that you know why. (

I will not use sunblock and go straight using Mac strobe cream.

After the Mac strop use a concealer.
I forgot to upload the picture but I used Shu Uemura mark cealer (3,5000won) it is the best concealer that I have used.
I want to say that I really like this product.
Usually I use concealer for covering the dark circles.
I just leave the pimples as it is so it looks more natural and appears the skin neat.
For covering the dark circle it is better to use cream type than stick.
Incase when your skin is dry it leaves wrinkles.
For the dark circle I use Bobbi Brown (creamy concealer kit) I used it over a month and I apply with the brush but its okay to use your hand.
There is a powder at the bottom which it revise better but
I don't use it.

PAPA Tip. For the people who have dark circles all the way to the chin.
Actually it is weak just to use that so use creamy concealer corrector (32,00won) on top of that. However when you apply to thick it cracks so apply very thin.

After the concealer use the highlight of today’s product, which is the Luminous, moisturizing foundation.
It is really famous for doing the glossy effect.
I use ivory color and some people feel uncomfortable using this due to the cover but you can use this with a cotton bud and put it on the brush.
It is really light foundation to use.
It lacks on the coverage but it is really moisturizing and lasts long so it is really recommend for dry type skin.

You have to use a foundation that matches your skin tone so during the summer when your skin is tan use darker tone of foundation.
For the people who wants fair skin could choose one tone brighter than actual tone so it brightens the face.

Skip the powder and in this stage do the coloring.
Mostly people start from the eyes.
However start from the blush so when you are doing your eye makeup you can match the colors.
Unless you are going to awarding ceremonies choose a color that looks natural.
Lets use a cream type blush.
This time I bought Blush Rose!
I didn’t use it normally but it became natural.
So even though you don’t like pot rouge you can use creamy type of product.

There are some people who avoids using color because they want to look natural but you have to add some color so it give lights to the face.
So you need to do the blush.

For the pot rouge you can use for the lip so finish it with the lip-gloss on top.

For the eye makeup according to the occasion choose the color but for me I just use Bobbi Brown gel eye line and use Shiseido eyelash curler.
I don’t do mascara or eye shadow so blush is very important.

For the people who don’t like the short persistence of the lip-gloss
Maybelline hyper diamond gloss stick! is the best lipstick for the glossy makeup up.
I don’t like to use lipstick so I use this.
When I apply, it is very glossy, moisture, and lasts long.
All the colors are nice~
Don’t put too much color on the lip.

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