Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Flower print nail, 2012 S/S trend, sticker nail art, gel nail, Cool Nail

Did you know about the trend for 2012 S/S?
It is the flower prints
Flower prints are always loved by people but especially this year was more favored by people.

Having a one nail with a flower pattern adds some point to this manicure.
The other colors are done in gel polish that gives more shine to this look.
The flower print is a sticker and you could find them in a magazine or in a beauty program.

There are other more prints and different style of nail.
You can have the nail artist to draw a unique patterns but using the nail sticker is much
easier and fast to do.

In professional nail care in Cool Nail we try follow the trend as much as possible.
Further more we are creating our own trend with various type of nail arts and colors.

Professional nail care system with great technique in doing the SOAK in Cool Nail.


  1. Wow its really a cool flower paint nail fashion, i hope my nail is like that :)

    1. you should try it out!
      It is just perfect for summer.

  2. hey... thanks for commenting on my blog. :) btw, i want to follow you thru gfc but i can't seem to find the button anywhere on your blog. T_T

    1. Do you mean the google +?
      I am going to make it pretty soon.
      I will add you than.
      Thank you for the comment!