Friday, August 10, 2012

Hand cream- Lancome Absolute Mains/Aveeno

I had to see dermatologist because my hands were too dry for every seasons. So I really need to use hand cream all the time.
When you start talking about hand cream, I have a lot of things to talk about!!!!
So I recommend some products.
There are some anit-aging hand creams due to several women suffering from the wrinkles showing on their hands.
The skin of the hand is thin so it is easier to get wrinkles.
The reason for the wrinkles is the sunlight and lack of moisture.
The sunlight creates black moles and freckles on the hands so when you are going out you need to have sun protection cream.
It sounds tiring but have to do it before you regret after it had happened.
Using a hand cream that has sun protection is also a good idea.

Lancome Absolute Mains hand cream contains SPF.
It gives high moisture so it has said that many celebrities use it.
It is too rich filled with substance.
But when you think of it as a protection it is wearable.

I have the worst dry skin ever for my hand that cracks every day so I went to the hospital. He said the problem is in daily habit.
He said it is good that you wash your hands often but not too much. (In middle school I washed my hands over ten times a day and for every resting time.)
After that I used the hand cream as always and tried every new one.
Now when I try any hand cream I can tell how long it will last and how moisture it is.
First thing to consider instead of the wrinkles is the amount of moisture in the hands.
So using the hand cream for every other hour or day can solve the problem of lacking of moisture.

Now I am using Aveeno hand cream but during the past days before using this product I used L’occitane.
L’occitane have great smell and applies smoothly!!!with long persistence. GREAT!
I am still attached to this product so I recommended to everyone around me so they are all using it. Everyone says it is really good.

The launch of Aveeno isn’t that long in Korea but because of the advertisement, it is starting to get popular.
Before Aveeno was launched in Korea, I have used it for a month now.
I have looked at the price in the department store and it is the best price ever! I was surprise by the inexpensive price and again by the function. The substance is made out of oatmeal and has just bit of smell but can hardly smell it.
1 was into this product because of the fast absorption. Some people say that it doesn’t last long but it can happen when you don't wash your hands often.
Of coarse I like the moisturizing effect.
In the advertisement it says the substance of the oatmeal holds the moisture in the hands so it is better to use right after washing your hands.
In some magazine, this hand cream was ranked number one comparing to other hand cream products. 
It made me happy as if my child received a reward because I was using it before. Hahaha

If you have worries on having too much wrinkles don’t trust the words of the hand cream.
Go see the dermatologist.
It can turn back to the hands itself by receiving ‘natural lift laser’
For the people who don't have wrinkles yet,
Let us protect from using the hand cream make it moisturizing. 

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