Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hair essence SkinFood

Skinfood Extra Virgin Olive Essence 5,500won

The thin hair always gets electricity for the whole four seasons.
The more damage the hair is it causes more electric to occur
I can’t let this destroy hairstyle!!!

Skinfood hair essence!!!! The price is low that can be purchase when you skip one meal!
I don't really use Skinfood products but I heard that one or two products are good and this is one of the products.
This hair essence was compared among other high priced hair essence products on some magazines and was placed as number 1.
The smell is neat! There are no other words to describe but just neat.
So there are no problems using this.
It controls the messiness and give shine to the hair so its good~

For the long hair, it is hard to not to use hair drier. It will take forever to just dry as it is.
So don’t be lazy and be stingy to your hair when it comes to buying hair essence.
If you want to be like Jeon Jee Hyun (Korean actress known for long and very shiny hair)
For the people who use wax due to short and perm hair, before using the wax, use essence.
So it protects the hair.

At the end it gives shine to the hair and helps to create natural hairstyle with a 

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