Sunday, February 3, 2013

Recommended eye remover - Estee Lauder Take It Away

I don't like eye removers that sting my eyes.

I finished the Bobbi Brown eye remover.
My wipes and cleansing oil removes all the waterproof products despite from that when I don’t use eye remover, I feel empty.

So I bought Estee Lauder presented in newly launched cleansing products and I have tested and I felt very fresh even though it was oil.
So we met and came home together.

Estee Lauder Take It Away.
This line of cleanser is for Asian women.
There are two more products, which are cleansing milk and cleansing oil.
I bought the gentle eye and lip long wear makeup remover.

When you want to check if you bought the perfect eye remover, check these 3.

Effect of cleansing: The trend these days are not to have smudge eye makeup so it has to clearly wipe off waterproof cosmetics well.

Speed of cleansing: During the nighttime you can’t wait for long time for the makeups to be removed from the cotton so has to remove it fast.

Stimulate: During the erasing some liquid might go inside the eyes so there shouldn’t cause any sting to the eyes.

So if the eye remover has all of this quality than it will be very satisfying.

How about this product?
It erase off even waterproof products clearly with a wipe.
After few seconds when the facial cotton is layered upon, it removes all the makeup except Kiss Me mascara.
This is the strongest waterproof mascara, however when you try to erase it, it could be erased but it will give great amount of stimulate around the eyes.
Using any other eye mover works the same so there is a eye mover only for this mascara.

The reason that I was into this eye remover was because of giving less stimulation to the eyes.
It gives fresh and light feeling.
Also there aren’t separate layer of oil like other eye mover, so don’t have to shake it before you use it.
There aren’t separate layer of oil which it gives light feeling.
It can be erased with a wipe so less stimulation to the eyes.
It could erase both eyes using only one facial cotton.

However there are times when eyes hurts, it is because from the stage in removing the mascara. Some prices could go inside the eyes so be careful and use less stimulating mascara.

I like to recommend this to people who like light feeling.

Don’t use too little amount of Eye remover.
Place enough amount of eye remover onto the facial cotton.
It is important to place it on the eyes for a period of time but it might stimulate the eyes if there is too little amount.
Place the facial cotton for 10 seconds and when the mascara and eyeliner melt press lightly and drag it out than removes perfectly.
Clean the little stain with the cotton buds or with the corner of the facial cotton.

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