Friday, February 8, 2013

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Navy gel nail with Star art and Ribbon accessory

Deep blue tone goes well with cold weather in wintertime.
Lots of people prefer deep colors.
In particular black is used a lot when the customers want to have clean looking hand.
For people who feel burden with black color try applying pretty deep blue.
By changing the color give sophisticated look.

The color isn’t so heavy because of some star designs.

In the picture, to emphasize the bling bling feeling we have used the glitters.
This costumer goes well with the modern look so used the glitter gel color to give sparkle feeling.
The softness of sparkle glitters bring down the heaviness of navy and gives more upgraded feeling.

The most favorable part in this gel nail was the star nail art.
The choice of the navy color was also about the weather but to give more stress on the stars.
The color is heavy and intense so the nail art added some cute style.
The nail art improves simple and dull feeling.

It might feel uncomfortable putting the deco pats on the right index finger so we have added on the ring finger.
However when you want your deco pats to give attention recommended to place it on the finger you use a lot.
We have purposely added the black deco pat that goes natural with this gel nail.

This gel nail brings out cute feeling from the short nails and small body nails.
Try this gel nail to achieve sophisticate and charming look at the same time!

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